TV Review: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ 6×18 “Burn This”

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Unlike most of the season, this episode of Pretty Little Liars actually gave us a few answers. A scare for Spencer, a revelation about Mona and Aria getting a fire lit up her ass (literally) made “Burn This” into one of season 6B’s best episodes.

The episode opens with the girls noticing photos on Aria’s camera from Byron and Ella’s wedding. In three separate photos, they see cards displaying “Give me the killer,” “on election night,” and “or you lose.”

Was Spencer pregnant?

The Hastings family tries to deal with the fallout of Yvonne’s abortion going public. Peter (Nolan North) encourages Spencer (Troian Bellisario) to distance herself from Caleb (Tyler Blackburn), since everyone believes he was the one who caused the leak. This is proven difficult when Caleb shows up to pick up some clothes at the same time as Toby (Keegan Allen), who arrives to give the family some choice words. Toby punches Caleb in the nose and Spencer attempts to patch him up in a nearby park. Somehow, Papa Hastings finds out about this encounter and confronts Spencer about her values.

And that’s when Spencer brings up how Papa Hastings is much worse than her because he covered for Melissa when she buried Bethany Young alive. He ends up revealing that someone blackmailed the oldest Hastings daughter right before Charlotte’s hearing. This person said he or she had the tape of Melissa confessing to burying Bethany alive and asked for money in exchange for keeping it a secret. That’s why you don’t confess to a murder in a video message, kids!

Meanwhile, we learn in a flashback that Spencer had a pregnancy scare during her sophomore year of college. Her and Toby had a discussion about it. She planned to get an abortion. He wanted them to live together and raise the child. This talk made them realize they both wanted different things.


Spencer tells Toby the truth about there being a New A in town and about Caleb’s innocence. She also assures him she would never judge Yvonne for getting an abortion since she was planning on getting one, herself. Spencer later leaves Yvonne a voicemail saying she will lend an ear if she ever wants to talk.

Aria gets a fire emoji up her ass!

Ashley (Laura Leighton) throws her daughter a bridal shower filled with awkward “how well do you know the bride and groom” trivia questions no one knows the answer to. Hanna (Ashley Benson) is angry at Ashley for offering Caleb the Marin guest room and says Ashley never offered her fiancé, Jordan, a similar courtesy. Later, she apologizes for being such a bridezilla and realizes she never actually brought Jordan around that much.

Mona (Janel Parrish), who was recently fired from her job for telling Spencer about Phillips campaign plans, shows up to the bridal shower with a wedding dream book her and Hanna made as kids. The girls throw Mona some wicked shade for even thinking about going to the party.


The party gets even more uncomfortable when Hanna’s magical tablet that manages heat, lighting and probably the NASA satellites, malfunctions and cause the air conditioning and an alarm to go off. But the worst happens to Aria (Lucy Hale) as she attempts to clean up some minor messes. As she gets near the fireplace, fire blows out and hits Aria in the back, causing her to have second-degree burns.

This is why you don’t clean up at parties you aren’t hosting.

Is Aria guilty?


In addition to getting lit on fire, Aria works on the book with Ezra (Ian Harding), who pitched Aria as his co-writer to the publisher. But the blooming Ezria romance doesn’t last long. Tanner (Roma Maffia) requests Aria’s presence in a police line-up. Apparently, an eyewitness saw an attractive brunette making the phone call to Charlotte at the Two Crows Diner. After the line-up, she sees a blonde girl leave the police station and believes it to be Sara Harvey. When she confronts Tanner, the detective is not willing to divulge who potentially turned her in but Aria is able to discover the attractive brunette had pink dice hanging from her keychain.

Later at the hospital, Ezra reads Aria some fashion magazines at her bedside because that’s what good ex-boyfriends do. This comes to an end when Liam (Roberto Aguire) enters the room and gives the good news: Aria’s boss approved Ezra and Aria’s book.

Emily investigates the van that almost killed her

After nearly getting killed by their stalker in an SUV, Emily (Shay Mitchell) investigates a car rental place to see if Melissa rented it. She talks to a creepy woman who insists on not saying anything.

Later on at the party, Emily and Mona take out the trash where Mona finds the wedding dream book she gave to Hanna as a gift. As Mona walks away, Emily sees pink dice dangling from her car keys. Emily tells a hesitant Mona to get in the car so they can talk.

Looks like I got my wish for Mona to finally become relevant again!

Creepy Epilogue

The creepy woman Emily talked to cleans off the mysterious SUV and finds an envelope filled with money underneath.

Closing Thoughts

I have had my gripes with this season but it looks like PLL is finally starting to move at a faster pace! If the writers keep Mona relevant and give us more intriguing cliffhangers like this week, the remaining two episodes should be amazing!

Rating: 9/10

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