TV Review: <i>Lucifer</i> – “Wingman”

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This week’s episode of Lucifer was all about the wings that everyone wanted but no one had. Lucifer was not backing down, but his new connection to all things human definitely put a damper on this private investigation.

Chloe was dealing with personal issues over her old case that she can’t seem to let go. She is told to let it go, but her gut won’t let her. Her ex tells her she doesn’t have enough time to figure out what happened so it’s safe to say that Chloe is desperate, similar to Lucifer and his wing search.

Lucifer takes Chloe’s advice on getting a fresh pair of eyes working his ”case’,” which comes in the form of his brother Amenadiel. The two characters are polar opposites yet their dynamic only gets more interesting each week. Unfortunately Lucifer’s brother wasn’t exactly looking to help the man who left him in control of Hell. Amenadiel is an angel and looking after damned souls must be taking its toll, something he wouldn’t have to deal with if his brother hadn’t dropped his job. This pushes Lucifer to return to Chloe for her help – which turns into him helping her with the Palm Meadow case alongside Dan.

The episode goes back and forth from the group trying to figure out Chloe’s case, to Lucifer’s and back again. Which is how Chloe and Lucifer end up at an auction for his wings. Like that’s something that happens everyday in LA… And in comes Amenadiel, ready to save the day because if anyone can get the job done it’s our favorite angel. The brotherly banter only boosted this adventure further. But every adventure requires some danger, which Lucifer finds by using his special coin as collateral to get into this special function that is planning to put up his wings for sale. But since the stakes weren’t high enough, out come the guns which might not harm Amenadiel but they will hurt Lucifer if they don’t manage to kill him first.

Lucifer’s words convince the auctioneers to let them go and to partake in the bid instead of getting killed for lying about their coin being for sale. Chloe appears just in time to warn Lucifer about the FBI raid that will happen any second. But they don’t make it in time because his wings get unleashed, and Amenadiel needs to slow down time so that his brother could get his wings before the FBI takes everyone away. There’s just one problem, the wings aren’t his.

Lucifer turns his confusion into frustration, pushing away both Chloe and Amenadiel who were trying


to help him. It looks like all of this dead ends push him to give up his patience and choose anger instead. He finds the organizer of the auction, infuriated by the lies he was told about the wings. Lucifer calls him out on finding his wings and being so affected that he lied about them so that he could keep the real ones in his possession. This revelation ends in a terrifying confrontation where Lucifer acts like the Devil we were all warned about. The dark betrayed soul that will stop at nothing to get revenge for what was taken from him.

Amenadiel then finds Lucifer on the beach, trying to convince him to hand over the wings only to watch them burn courtesy of Lucifer. Turns out Amenadiel was the one to tip the human off about the whereabouts of the wings, betraying Lucifer all for the sake of getting him to return to hell. It’s like he didn’t know anything about his brother because he was shocked that Lucifer would burn his wings, essentially committing himself to life among humans. Now that Lucifer’s wings are burned off, he can’t return to hell, which will force Amenadiel to take over forever.


Chloe and Dan reunite to figure out who shot Malcolm, which leads them to a secret passageway with proof of an insider man from the LA police. Instead of Chloe calling anyone out, she pretends as if she is done with the case even going as far as attending Malcom’s funeral to announce it to the rest of the precinct. The others seem to buy it, with Dan being the only one with the full story. He knows that Chloe won’t back down and hopefully the two exes will continue to work together because their balance helps push the case further. Dan’s doubts in Chloe have her working that much harder and Chloe’s determination reminds Dan that not everything is black and white.

Chloe and Lucifer’s partnership may have take a backseat to some other interaction this week but they still meet to catch each other up. Their growing friendship is the true driving force of this show, that combined with the weekly music choices sets up a dynamic like no other. I really hope we get to see more of these two even if their personal cases aren’t intersecting right now. The two share a connection that helps both characters in the long run, even if it’s just sassy banter that leaves them to brainstorm in a way they haven’t before.

This episode’s best feature had to be the chemistry between Amenadiel and Lucifer. Their casual back and forth quickly turns into a fierce fight for freedom. With Lucifer demanding his freedom on Earth and Amenadiel demanding his freedom from hell. Both brothers want to escape their personal hell, whether it be their past or their future. But one can’t get their freedom without the other suffering. And the two facing off only proves that this brotherhood is doomed unless one of them sacrifices what matters most.



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