TV Review: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ 6×19 “Did You Miss Me?”


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This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars served as an awesome tease for the upcoming season finale. With an upcoming twin storyline and exciting twists, “Did You Miss Me?” proved to be an excellent penultimate episode for the sixth season.

The episode opens where the previous one ended — with a conversation between Mona (Janel Parrish) and Emily (Shay Mitchell). Mona admits she was the one who called Charlotte from the Two Crows Diner. Mona waited for two hours at the diner to talk to Charlotte and see what the former A was going to do with her new freedom. But Charlotte never showed.

Progress on Ezria’s novel

While teaming up on the novel inspired by Ezra’s (Ian Harding) romance with Nicole (Rebecca Breeds), Ezra has some criticisms about the way Aria (Lucy Hale) wrote the chapter where the two romantic leads say goodbye. Aria wrote it with a touch of romance while Ezra wrote how it really happened. There was no heartfelt goodbye or long glances. It was actually depressing. Aria says they will write whatever makes the best story.

In other news, Aria’s boss, Jillian (Klea Scott), is being adamant about getting a draft of Aria and Ezra’s book. She also made it clear she knew about Aria’s relationship with Liam and decided it would be better if Aria contacted her office directly rather than using Liam as a main contact.

Sugar Daddy Lucas


After hearing Hanna (Ashley Benson) imply how she misses small town life in Rosewood, Lucas (Brendan Robinson) buys an abandoned building and plans to renovate it. He says Hanna can have it so she start her own brand with a new team of designers. Hanna says she can’t take Lucas up on that offer but he suggests talking to Jordan about it, first.

Will this be Hanna’s way of getting back to Rosewood and being with Lucas? Jordan is nice and all but he didn’t pay for Hanna to live her ultimate dream!

Sara’s helping hands

After Emily sees Mona chatting with Sara Harvey’s (Dre Davis) driver (who we saw escort the former Red Coat in the season 6B premiere), she and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) do some investigating. They see the driver walk out of City Hall with a paper tube and try to figure out what’s inside. After staging a fake accident where Spencer hit the tail of his car, Emily distracts him while Spencer looks in the tube. She finds floor plans for the Radley and a room key inside. Later, Emily sees the driver hand the tube to Sara. It turns out she checked in at the Radley under a fake name.


Hanna’s confession

During her honeymoon with Elliott Rollins (Huw Collins), Alison (Sasha Pieterse) slips down a flight of stairs at a bed and breakfast and recovers from a concussion in the hospital.

Later, Hanna visits Alison and sees a card with a staircase drawn on the front. Inside were cartoons of the girls with the faces of Alison, Aria and Emily crossed out, confirming Ali’s fall was not an accident. Not wanting to upset Ali, Hanna hides the card in her bag.


Hanna seeks out Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and shows him the card. She wants his help in calling the Devil Emoji stalker’s bluff by giving him/her what he/she wants: Charlotte’s killer. With Caleb’s support, Hanna tells Spencer her biggest secret while her eyes fill with tears. She followed Aria and Ezra that night and saw Charlotte enter the church. After seeing the girl who tormented her for so long, Hanna stabbed Charlotte in the back of the neck with a candlestick. Then, she took Charlotte to the bell tower and threw her off.


Hanna plans to lie to Devil Emoji with this story to get the elusive stalker to reveal him/herself. It was kind of messed up to practice the story on Spencer like that but it was amazing!

Spaleb memories

After seeing Haleb reunite and formulate a plan together, it’s clear Spencer is jealous. She flashes back to a memory in Madrid when Caleb bought a photo of a dog that was similar to a print he saw in the kitchen of one of his foster homes. He ended up leaving it behind in New York with Hanna.

After Spencer’s reminiscing, Emily basically asks her, “Hey, you’re Spaleb now! Are you really going to let Haleb get back together and do this dangerous plan?” Spencer replies  (word for word, this time) with, “What do you want me to do? Wedge myself between them on the sofa?”

Does this mean Haleb could become an item again?

A visit from an old friend….or is it an old friend’s twin!?

While in her hospital bed, Ali gets an unexpected visitor. Her mother, Jessica (Andrea Parker), visits from beyond the grave to tell her daughter that Elliott will take care of her in the way she was never able to. This makes Ali happy but she dismisses it as a hallucination and goes back to sleep.

But if this is Ali’s hallucination, Jessica should have disappeared as soon as Ali shut her eyes, right? Nope. We, the audience, actually see Jessica open the door to the hospital room and shut it behind her upon exiting. Could this new twin possibly be Jessica’s?

Game on

Aria tells Ezra about Ali being in the hospital and how her fiery incident was not an accident. The girls get together and discuss what Hanna is about to do and then she sends the Devil Emoji stalker what he/she has been waiting for.

“Leave my friends alone. I killed Charlotte.”

Creepy Epilogue

We see Hanna’s message travel across the town to the tune of Blondie’s “Call Me.” When it reaches Devil Emoji’s phone, we see he/she is watching a Hastings campaign video.

Closing Thoughts

While this episode wasn’t exactly action-packed, it served as an excellent precursor for the sixth season finale. The upcoming twin storyline may be a little over the top but that’s what we love about PLL! It’s about time the show started getting back to basics.

Check out the trailer for next week’s spring finale!

Rating: 10/10

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