TV Review: Younger 2×11 “Secrets and Liza”


Younger keeps getting more insane every episode! It’s sad to say that there are only two more episodes until this season ends. This season has definitely delivered, and I am so excited to see what the show is bringing in season 3. I am sure it will not disappoint!

Anyways, let’s recap a bit of last week’s episode.

We saw that many people around town were surprised to see that Thad was engaged. A lot of people actually felt bad for Kelsey. However, Kelsey remains forever oblivious and continues to plan her dream wedding. It’s at Kelsey’s engagement party where Liza receives proof of Thad’s cheating ways. She opens a video of him being a total bathroom stall bunny with one of his female co workers. Thad is looking right over her shoulder and Liza threatens that if he doesn’t fess up on his own then she will tell Kelsey herself.

This week, Thad is the one who finds himself in a tough position because he knows that Liza has the upper hand and that she is a true friend. He’s desperate to find a way out.

Luckily for him, Liza has her hands full at the office with Empirical’s biggest author in town. Edward L.L. Moore is the writer of the biggest fantasy series, King of Crowns, and everyone is on their toes to please him. Edward however is quite the flirt and becomes infatuated with Liza the minute he lays his eyes on her. This guy is a total creep but because of what he means to the company not even Charles is able to do much to protect Liza. This means that she ends up cast as Princess Pam, the series’ heroine. She has to dress up as the character at Times Square for the release party for the last book of the series. The only bright side was that she got to find out about the book’s ending ahead of time. But it wasn’t really worth it since Edward tells her he will have to “eat her” afterwards. GROSS.

Unfortunately, Liza has much more than Princess Pam to worry about. She’s hoping that Thad will come clean on his own because who really wants to tell their best friend that her fiancé is a dirtbag. Not only does she have that dilemma going on but Caitlyn is in town and staying at Liza’s place. Liza continues to want to tell Caitlyn everything and gosh I bet she wishes she would have. But who could have guessed that Caitlyn would totally blow Liza’s cover to Thad? Yep, that happened. Thad went to Liza’s place in Brooklyn to try to stop her from spilling his secret to Kelsey, but instead he ran into Caitlyn who revealed herself as Liza’s daughter. Thanks a lot, Caitlyn!

So Thad goes back home and finds Liza’s Darthmouth alum information…which means he found out she’s actually 40, Class of 1996. Suddenly, Thad has leverage and he’s feeling incredibly confident.


Back in Times Square, Liza has to step out in her Princess Pam costume which is more like a furry bikini. Charles’ jaw drops to the ground when he sees her but he’s also awfully respectful. He also knows that he’s asking a lot by having Liza do this and that his author thinly straddles the line with sexual harassment. Liza has had enough of Edward’s lewd comments and excuses herself. As she’s sitting outside of the release party Caitlyn walks up and assumes that Liza is a Times Square character in order to pay for her tuition. I think this was the only moment where I have liked Caitlyn at all. She’s extremely grateful that her mother is working so hard to put her through school and so she decides to work just as hard and enroll in those pre-med classes.

The following day, Liza and Thad meet and he lays down his demands: for her to delete the video, be a good bridesmaids at the wedding and basically do whatever he tells her to. But Liza is not one to allow herself to be manipulated and she’s an incredibly loyal friend too. She tells Thad she would rather lose her job than let Kelsey spend the rest of her life with him and walks away.

Just as she does that, a beam from a construction site topples from the sky and lands right on top of Thad.

Literally. It falls from the sky just like in a cartoon scene. For a second I thought that Liza was having some daydream fantasy but then the episode ended. I was left screaming at the TV, “WHAT THE HECK?! DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?”


But it did, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I don’t mind that they got rid of Thad but the way that it was done doesn’t make much sense to me. I know the show is already far-fetched enough by having everyone believe that a 40-year-old is actually 26 but having a boulder drop from the sky goes too far.

Either way, it will be interesting to see how Kelsey will handle this. I don’t know if I should call Liza lucky per se, since she just witnessed her best friend’s fiance get squashed to death but her secret continues to be safe. It’s going to be her decision if she comes clean to Kelsey and the rest of the important people in her life.

One more episode to see how this all ends – hoping for more twists and turns that never let me down.



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