TV Review: <i>Stitchers</i> – “2.0”


Stitchers made a remarkable comeback for its second season premiere and things are only getting more intense. Between Cameron and Kirsten having their roles reversed and Kirsten’s new found emotions, nothing will be exactly the way that it was in the first season.

The introduction back to the series had Kirsten crying when Cameron was pronounced dead, only for him to wake up and make us all freak out from happiness. Knowing Cameron was going to survive did nothing to help the long wait that we had to see it all actually happen. And the stitch’s aftermath took a turn that I did not see coming but I loved nonetheless.

The case that the team investigated was personal and frankly much more game changing than the ones from the first season. Cases that connect back to the audience and the characters are much more thought provoking which we found in Leslie Turner. He gets shot and the Stitchers team needs to figure out who did it in order to move forward. But when Kirsten stitches into him it looks like Maggie was the one to kill him and with nothing else making much sense, that’s what the team has to work with. Luckily Kirsten gets help from Linus when he realizes how to piece the three different pieces of Turner’s brain back together somehow.

The killer can’t be identified but being in his memory lands Kirsten in the middle of another crazy revelation. Turns out that Turner had kept Ed Clark frozen on a different floor of the building because he had something planned for him that not even Maggie knew about. But from this Kirsten gets a chance to stitch into him, not finding much except for the memory of incense that she smelt right before Turner got killed too. This doesn’t connect anything until she gets home and recalls a moment with her father when she was young. A memory that taints everything that she ever knew of her father because now he isn’t just missing to her but he’s a killer as well.

This season premiere was successful in moving along the plots from the old season and going forward. Kirsten’s past is even more confusing but it’s also getting much more dynamic. It’s defining who she is and it’s changing where her future may go. Not only with the team but with Cameron too. Their trust isn’t much of an issue until Cameron confronts her in the elevator and points out subtly that he knows that she saw his feelings for her. Kirsten isn’t ready to face them but they are there just like her feelings are and the cold distance that grows over them is stunning to see. I hope this “will they, won’t they” talk about their feelings portion of the story comes to a head sooner rather than us waiting for something tangible at the end of the season again. But the friendship that these two share is more than enough for now and I think that even if we don’t see them romantically for now we will still love their interactions.

The team was learning how to connect and become one piece of a bigger puzzle last season but now they finally have a groove going and it really shows. The team feels more like a family and now that Fisher is officially a part of that family, it only gets more hilarious as we go. Their relationships with one another are more realistic to the viewers and it builds the connection to the show as well.

After stitching into Cameron, Kirsten ends up accessing all of her emotions which is a sharp change from the Kirsten that we knew before. Now she feels everything and with that comes worry that she never had to deal with before. She now worries for her life and the life of her team, thinking before she does something that could get her killed. Cameron on the other hand picked up the need for some adrenaline, almost dying pushes him to reevaluate his ”safe” approach to life and now he is taking risks that confuse everyone. Cameron and Kirsten flip their approaches drastically and each one points it out to the other with no real conclusion. This is frankly a very good approach to make this season that much more different from the last.

A lot happened in this episode but it was all worth it for the plot to keep moving along. It all set up a good path for the second season and if it continues to be this personal in terms of the cases combined with the quirky team moments, this season may very well gain a much more effective reaction from the viewers and a promising future.



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