TV Review: <i>Big Brother Canada 4</i> (Round #4 & 5)

Be prepared, Big Brother Canada fans! It’s a double dose of drama, blindsides and competitions for this week in the house. That’s right! It’s a double eviction week where TWO houseguests will be leaving the game in one night. However, as Arisa Cox pointed out before the festivities unfold, there will be another wildcard twist thrown into the mix.

No one is leaving the house … just yet. The two evicted houseguests will be sent packing, but they won’t be going too far. Hiding away in a secret room, they’ll be watching and biding their time before the axe is dropped and the twist is revealed. It’s moments like these where the game can dramatically change the course of the season and affect how the players can adapt to change. Especially when two heated foes are placed inside the same room. Can we say, “Drama!”

Here’s a look of what went down in the Big Brother Canada 4 house during Round number four and Round number five:

Round 4

Round 5


Big Brother Canada 4 is an interesting season, to say the least. At the end of Round number five, five women have already been evicted back-to-back for various reasons. And yet surprisingly, it is mostly the women themselves who are doing the targeting!

Kelsey was part of a tight-knit group, which included her showmance partner. The other side of the house needed to get out a target and they went with the easier option that would deal the most damage. Loveita’s eviction, on the other hand, is mostly personal. Maddy had an agenda against Loveita and took the opportunity to get out a person who played too-hard-too-fast and gossiped too much. Will this move bite her in the butt? Time will tell but if history has proven anything, it will!

She sacrificed an eviction round to get out a personal target instead of evicting a bigger threat from an opposing alliance. Her side of the house still didn’t have the majority numbers (Maddy/Dallas/Ramsey vs. Raul/Jared with the others in the middle) and she wasted the eviction on someone who more closely aligned with her. It’s an amateur move, Maddy – so amateur.

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Episode Ratings:

HOH/Nominations – 7/10
Power of Veto– 7/10
Eviction/HOH/Nominations/Second Eviction – 10/10


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