TV Review: Once Upon A Time (5×15): The Brothers Jones

(ABC/Eike Schroter)
(ABC/Eike Schroter)

We got to learn more about Killian Jones through the backstory of his brother, Liam and the squad come a little closer to getting the best of Hades.

Let’s take a look at “The Brothers Jones”:

The flashbacks

In the classic good brother/bad brother trope, Liam and Killian are working on the evil Captain Silver ship and while Killian is always getting drunk and gambling, Liam is trying to find a way out for them. While Captain Silver is forcing them to go through a murderous storm in order to look for some mythological sapphire, Liam stages a mutiny that takes the ship to safety. Hero for sure, right?

Don’t agree so fast, because after this success, Hades makes an appearance in Liam’s cabin and tells him that if he agrees to let everyone on the ship die (which means Hades gets the souls) he will allow the Jones brothers to survive and throw in the special sapphire as a bonus. Liam agrees and the Jones brothers wash up on the shore, and with the sapphire are able to buy their freedom.

The flashbacks which were a sort of reveal that this amazing, too-good-for-this-world brother that Killian looks after wasn’t always a stand out guy. He literally let a whole group of people die just so that they could get a short cut to a better life. But it also showed Killian that all those people that he thought was pretty than himself have done terrible things too.

Liam, the perfect brother?

Liam’s shenanigans were not done, even after he died. He pledges to help Emma and the group to defeat Hades in support of Killian but not without pointing out to Emma that she is not good enough for his brother because she is always saving him because she needs him, not the other way around.  This obviously has Emma rattled, I mean every girl wants to be liked by their boyfriend’s family.

(ABC/Eike Schroter)

According to Liam, the way to defeat Hades has to do with a book, and Emma immediately thinks it’s the storybook, which makes sense as everything in their lives is about that storybook (also has no one bothered to read the book cover to cover yet?). They go looking for the book and through Henry discover it’s at the Sorcerer’s mansion. However Hades corners Liam again and tells him that he has to steal the pages about him from the book or else he’ll tell Killian what he did. Liam, of course, agrees.

Once the crew manage to get the key from the sorcerer’s mansion and let themselves in, it’s of course Liam that manages to get to the book first and tear out Hades pages, so once the rest get there they discover the pages missing and the mission fruitless. Emma, though, is suspicious of Liam but Killian doesn’t want to listen to her when she suggests it.


Killian finds out for himself though when he sees the ink from the storybook’s pages on Liam’s hands and then the entire crew from Captain Silver’s ship appears and tells Killian what Liam did and then proceed to throw them off a cliff into the fiery hells. Hades interrupts though, tosses Silver in, and then says that Liam will be spared for keeping up his end of the bargain, but not Killian because he escaped his little prison. Liam falls into the pits instead but it turns into a serene little boat for him to take him to their version of ‘Heaven’ I assume. Liam gives him one last pep talk, reinforcing that he is a good man and has the ability of doing so much more.

The whole episode felt as if it was centered around everyone just telling Killian that he has the ability to be the hero, when I feel like we’ve done this before. Even with Regina, I feel like this plotline has been overdone. Putting things into perspective, yes, Emma did not give into the darkness like Killian did but then again Emma fully chose to become the Dark One when Killian was forced to become one by someone he loved after he explicitly told them he did not want to. He had more than enough reasoning to embrace the darkness, it does not make him weak it just means he was angry.

Henry and the pen

Henry, meanwhile, is on a side mission with Cruella de Vil (have I mentioned how much I love her?) to find the author’s pen so he can bring her back to life. The trip allows him to meet with the sorcerer’s apprentice who tells him where to find the book and the pen and tells him the choice he needs to make is whether or not to change the story or records what he sees as he is supposed to.

By the end of the episode he chooses to record what he sees (which apparently would help the sorcerer’s apprentice move on peacefully) but also is supposed to help out the rest of the team on their mission. He said he’s going to rewrite Hades’ story, and while I don’t truly understand the mechanicals of the way the storybook works, this is ultimately their secret weapon and a game changer.


The last scene has Hades looking over his pages in the storybook and we see a picture of him and Zelena and he says their secret is still safe. So it’s safe to assume that Zelena will be making a return very soon?

Last minute notes

Rating: 6/10


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