TV Review: The 100 3×9 “Stealing Fire”


This week’s episode picks up still in the chambers where Lexa’s death occurred. Clarke and Murphy have been locked in there while Titus is prepping for the conclave. I am sure that Clarke has been using her time in the chamber to mourn accordingly while Murphy is just counting the hours to get out.

Titus promised Lexa that he will take care of them and he sticks to it by helping them escape. But Clarke won’t leave until she talks to Aiden, one of Lexa’s nightblood. She wants to make sure that he will keep his promise to protect her people if he’s chosen as the next commander.

Clarke arrives at the nightbloods’ purification ritual and is able to talk to Aiden. But Lexa’s body is right in the center of the room and it’s more than a little painful for Clarke. However, she’s focused on the well being of her people as usual. Clarke asks Aiden about his promise and he guarantees that not only will he keep it but the rest of the nightbloods have been asked to make that vow by Lexa. Which shows how much she truly loved Clarke to go above and beyond to ensure her protection.

Clarke and Aiden’s conversation is abruptly interrupted as King Roan storms into the chambers with his nightblood, Ontari. I always knew she would come back and bite us in the butt. She walks and her first move is to try and kill Clarke. Well, what a way to say hello! Titus stops her but Ontari’s plan is to kill all of Clarke’s people the moment she becomes commander. Ontari is on a mission and it seems like not much will be able to stop her.

Back at Arkadia, Pike is telling everyone that they will be sentenced to death for helping in his assassination plan. Thankfully Bellamy convinces Pike to let the Grounders live and instead sets the execution only for Kane, Lincoln and Sinclair.


Bellamy is back on the good guys finally! His first move is to meet with Monty, Harper and Miller and show them the bug that was placed inside their coats. Even though he did help by telling them this, Harper and Miller aren’t so quick to trust him fully which is understandable after all he’s done. But they do pass along his message to Octavia about meeting him.

Octavia agrees to meet him at the drop ship but she does not come in peace. She tranquilizes him and once he wakes up he finds himself tied up in a cave at Indra’s care. Bellamy only wants to help but Octavia is quick to remind him that he’s played a huge role in creating Pike’s chaotic mess.

Kane is set for execution but Abby won’t resign herself to losing him. In this episode we finally get to see the bond these two have created that goes beyond just being leaders in charge. There’s real affection that came across the screen vividly. It was one of the more beautiful scenes in this episode.

Octavia has set up a ruse to get Lincoln and Kane out of the bunker and out of Arkadia to escape execution. Pike is looking around for them all over but Octavia is clever and they all hide under the floorboards, something she’s did for most of her life. They flee back to the escape wall and Abby meets them there. She tells Kane she’s going to be staying behind because there’s so many people that will need her. Kane goes for it and ends their goodbye with a heartfelt kiss that swooned Abby for sure. Shippers of these two have had their wished fulfilled and after the heartbreaking death of Lexa it was soothing to see some romance in the show again.


Pike decides to stop the prisoners’ escape by announcing that if they don’t turn themselves in that he will kill all of the grounders that are in the chamber. Lincoln, of course, chooses to turn himself in to save his people. Octavia protests and says she won’t let him go alone, they’re a team. But Lincoln makes the decision for both of him and as they’re hugging he stabs her in the neck with the drugs they had used before. He asks Kane to take her and walks away, handing himself over to Pike and the other guards.

Back at Polis, things have spun out of control. Clarke is telling Titus that he can not allow Ontari to become the next commander. Titus is confident that Lexa’s spirit will choose wisely and hence obviously wouldn’t choose Ontari since she’s insane! He can’t stop Ontari from being nightblood because it is her birthright but all that he can do is trust the system. Clarke is still weary of believing that Lexa is truly in there but it seems like for her own sake she’s beginning to believe.

Right then, the victory horn blares throughout Polis. They run to the commander’s chambers and find that Ontari is sitting on the throne with black blood all over her face and creepiest grin ever. She’s also holding a bag at her feet with the heads of all the other nightbloods! Reminder: these nightblood were kids not even 14 years old! She throws Aiden’s head to Titus and says: “I win.” CHILLS.


Clarke and Murphy saw all of this in horror but King Roan snuck them out of the chambers before Ontari saw them, since she certainly would have killed them in a heart beat. Clarke isn’t easy to scare off and so she won’t leave without the flame. Murphy reluctantly agrees and they head over to Titus’ flame keeper chambers and find the chip along with Titus. Clarke’s plan is to avoid giving the flame to Ontari but Titus insists that she’s now the only option. If they’re not nightbloods, the chip will kill them. This is when Clarke remembers that there’s another nightblood left that Lexa didn’t kill at her conclave.

Her name was Luna. Does that name sound familiar? Luna is the one who said she would take Lincoln and Octavia in, in season one. That was a nice way to tie that in! This show does not do anything by coincidence, everything is such a conscious choice for the future story lines. I’m excited to meet Luna because she’s for sure going to be a game changer even though Titus says she’s not fit for commander because she’s a coward who fled.

Ontari comes into Titus’ chambers and tells him she’s ready for the flame, stat. Murphy takes Ontari to the commander’s quarters and begins the purification rituals. As if he actually knows what any of this is? HA! But Murphy has become an expert of playing any role that will let him live another day and dare we say it we sensed some chemistry between him and Ontari … that would be a weird combination.

Titus gives Clarke the commander kit, along with the first commander’s journal. She has all that’s needed to perform the ascension ritual which makes her a flame keeper.

We didn’t know the importance of this until what happened after.

Roan comes in with Titus into the commander’s quarters where Ontari and Murphy are. He comes in with a knife to Titus’ throat and Ontari is all for killing him (she clearly has no value for human life). Except that Murphy points out that Titus is the only one who knows how to do the ascension ritual, the only flame keeper. Roan and Ontari consider that but then Titus pulls an unexpected of his own and slits his own throat! WHAT. He does that “for Lexa” and dies a bloody and dramatic death in Ontari’s purification bath.

Ontari won’t be stopped by the lack of a flame keeper. She decides to light the pyre and continue on with the ascension, after all no one else knows that the ritual wasn’t actually performed. Oh Ontari, always going for those loopholes. Murphy is right, she’s indeed very smart.

Clarke sees the red smoke coming from the top of Polis as she rides away in the search for Luna.

Now back to the dreadful end of this episode.

Kane and the others are fleeing from Arkadia with Octavia still drugged out on horseback. She wakes up just in time to see Pike leading Lincoln out to be executed from a far distance. Pike asks Lincoln if he has any last words and he coldly replies, “not for you.” Pike points the gun at Lincoln’s head and fires as he whispers out, “May we meet again.”

Octavia’s heart is clearly shattering to pieces. But as Lincoln falls to the ground she regains her composure and ice cold expression comes over her face.

Am I upset about Lincoln’s death? YES. Mostly because I don’t find that his death was necessary at all. There were other ways that his people could be saved. It wouldn’t have been the first time that one of his and Octavia’s plans worked last minute. Was it in character for Lincoln to sacrifice himself? Yes. But I don’t find that it was in character for Kane and the other (minus Octavia for obvious reasons) to not try and do something about it.

Octavia has hardened up as a character quite enough already. With Bellamy’s betrayal and now Lincoln’s death I’m wondering if she’s going to go Jasper on us, or react like Clarke did after Mount Weather. I think that part of what makes Octavia so special is that she has a huge heart. Yes she’s a fighter but she’s never stopped herself from feeling so it would be a shame to see her freeze all of her emotions because it’s what makes her so great.

Leave your comments below on everything that went down in “Stealing Fire.”

I’ll be here mourning Lincoln’s death.


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