TV Review: Wynonna Earp (1×01) “Purgatory”

Wynonna Earp

Rule one: never get off the bus. A guideline that clearly wasn’t emphasized enough to that poor girl Kiersten. If only Wynonna would’ve tried harder to have her hold in her pee. Too late now because she lost her head over it. Wynonna on the other hand ended up beating that rule, but that’s probably because she’s the heir.

The best part about the Wynonna Earp premier was the eponymous character. She has a lot of interesting things going on. First off her family is cursed thanks to their great great grandfather and although it wasn’t directly stated in the episode it seems like the curse only passes down to the women in their family. The reason this seems to be true is because their father said the next heir in the line was their older sister Willa and not him. Also in those flashbacks we saw that Willa got killed fairly quickly into the demon attack. If that wasn’t bad enough then it was definitely the moment when young Wynonna tried to use the Peacemaker to save her father, but ended up killing him. Talk about a childhood trauma. Those scenes clearly displayed why the current Wynonna acts the way she does. It made perfect sense why she didn’t want to accept the curse or use the gun. It was even more obvious that her leaving her sister behind to protect her was a smart choice. Her sister had been through enough and deserved that chance at normal. 

Unfortunately for Wynonna, Waverly didn’t take to the whole idea of a normal life, which didn’t completely make sense. In fact, her character was way too enthusiastic about the whole situation. She couldn’t wait to get out there and help her older sister kill demons. She believes that they can break their family curse. That hope is that part that seems logical, but as stated before, she’s way too happy about it. She acts as if she’s about to win an award. It feels odd considering what she went through as a child and the fact that the curse doesn’t go to her. It goes to her sister first before her. Even at she got attacked by those demons she was still pretty excited about their future adventures. Hopefully she calms down further in the series and realizes the serious nature of the curse.

Speaking of the curse, the demons that were after the gun in this episode were a joke. Malcolm seemed like a threat in the beginning of the episode, but by the end he was a weakling. The other two demons weren’t even worth putting to memory. The only reason that Carl stood out was because he got his tongue ripped out, which he let happen pretty casually which was weird. He also stuck out because he got killed by an unknown character. The most interesting part of the demon fight at the end was when Malcolm was sent back to Hell. That special effect was pretty cool. Hopefully the demons in future episodes reveal why Wynonna should be so scared of them in the first place.

Another possible demon that came back with the gun was Doc Holliday. He apparently helped Wyatt Earp back in the day. If that was the case then the mystery behind his death is pretty interesting because the only demons that come back are the ones that Wyatt killed with his gun. That means that for whatever reason Wyatt killed Holliday. It was also implied that he was the mystery person that saved the sisters from Carl earlier in the episode. It seems like he may be the one to help the girls lift the curse from their family.

An additional person that might help them with the curse is Agent Dolls. Not much is known about him yet other than the fact that he works for the Black Badge Division, which is tasked with dealing with cases involving demons. Wynonna is now a sheriff with this division so hopefully they can provide her with more intel on her family. It’s not clear yet whether Dolls is helping or using her, but his intentions will become clear later in the season.

If you’re looking for a decent supernatural western then Wynonna Earp is the show for you. Yes, it does have a lot to improve on, but there’s enough mystery and reveals in the first episode to make you want to watch one more.



Wynonna Earp airs Fridays @ 10/9c on Syfy


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