TV Review: <i>Big Brother Canada 4</i> (Round #7)

Now THAT was a Big Brother week that will go down in the record books! Big Brother Canada saw drama after drama, campaign after campaign, and fight after fight pop up every step of the way. And it was all just to evict one person! Who knew a simple move to evict someone would spark so much chaos?

Only true Big Brother greats have survived moments like this when a game blows up in their face. They’ve learned to adapt and alter their plans to make big bold moves that keep them around, like Dan’s funeral from Big Brother 14 (US). But when there’s potentially no hope and nothing to lose, that’s when the real fun starts. Someone took the risk by going big and destroying everything around him. It was a tidal wave of drama and one that will no doubt become a fan favorite in the future.

Here’s a look of what went down in the Big Brother Canada 4 house during Round #7:

Round 7

Mitch’s “masterful” game blew up in his face. He played the middle and orchestrated both sides of the house to continue targeting each other, making sure that the threats weren’t focusing on him. It’s a sound strategy and if kept in line every step of the way, it can be a winning move – Andy from Big Brother 15 played a similar game and won. Mitch, up until the twist occurred, looked like a sure bet for making it to at least Top 5 or 6. However, he had no exit strategy.

Kelsey returning to Big Brother (and Loveita spilling the dirt to her) didn’t destroy Mitch’s game. In fact, it merely expedited the potential results. The houseguests would have eventually started talking to each other and putting the pieces together about his game; that’s not to say he still couldn’t have won. Mitch unfortunately was on the losing side since his sort-of enemy (Jared/Kelsey/Raul) were in power. This is a perfect lesson for future players: It’s great to orchestrate a mastermind game of playing in the middle and manipulating both sides against each other, but eventually you need to pick a side. Mitch didn’t pick a side until he realized that Raul couldn’t save him late in the week. Everyone was onto his game plan and figured out how dangerous he truly was. It was just too late for him to do anything.


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Episode Ratings:

HOH/Nominations – 8/10
Power of Veto– 7/10
Eviction – 10/10



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