TV Review: <i>Lucifer</i> – “St.Lucifer”


This week’s episode of Lucifer was all humor, drama and revelations. We discover a big part of what’s to come between Chloe and Lucifer. There was also something brewing between Maze and our favorite angel that ended in a rather unexpected way. But Lucifer is clearly gearing up for the end of this season, and it’s not holding back.

Our new crime is a former NBA player shot once in his home. He ran a foundation that was meant to help and he seemed like the perfect guy. It looked like a robbery, but it was clearly a murderer, one that leads to a few dead ends. Tim’s relationship with his wife Vanessa isn’t as perfect as it seemed to be, making her a prime suspect in Chloe’s eyes. Lucifer on the other hand uses his charm to get them into an event for the foundation that isn’t exactly giving them any answers. Chloe suggests that Lucifer uses his gift on the women, but with his new outlook on being good comes singing and causing Kyle to freak out.

Kyle (aka Mike from Twilight!) reveals that Tim was questioning his sexuality for a while, and it turns out that they were having an affair. Vanessa knew it, but because Tim didn’t have any plans to come out, their marriage stayed intact but with certain arrangements. Kyle showed Chloe a picture of a field that Tim sent to him a few day’s before his death. Once they look into it a bit more they realize that Tim traveled to look at the progress that was happening to build a school. He saw that nothing was built and that the money went somewhere else, and Chloe starts to worry that Vanessa took the money and killed Tim when he confronted her.

Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship reached a shake up, with Chloe waking up naked in bed. But Lucifer clues her in to what really happened, which consisted of her being very drunk and him very polite. He wouldn’t sleep with her when she was in this state and when Chloe finds this shocking, Lucifer decides to embrace a new outlook on his actions. Now he sees his decision to reject Chloe as a sign that he has changed and he is ”good” – which helps him relate to their newest victim because it looks like this will be a recurring theme in the remaining cases.

Linda reminds Lucifer that he seems to only care about his image when others notice it. He shouldn’t be good to prove something to people, being good isn’t a toy. But Lucifer isn’t really paying attention because he is all about feeling that same rush from doing good as he felt when he didn’t sleep with Chloe. He even goes as far as taking the clothes off his back to give to a homeless guy to no avail.


Chloe gets upset with Lucifer when he doesn’t help her with the case because he is too busy with his plans to be good. That doesn’t mean Chloe doesn’t figure out who the killer is on her own. But that does mean that Lucifer finally deals with the feelings that he has for Chloe, because it turns out that she makes him vulnerable. When he feels for her or when he is affected by her, he turns more human. When he doesn’t, he shifts back to invincible Lucifer once again.

Dan is not having a good day this week, being tied up and threatened by Malcolm isn’t all that fun. After the beating that we saw last week, our favorite cop is not only in bad shape but in bad spirits too. Here he is trying to save Lucifer’s life by not agreeing to kill him, but things only get worse because of that. Malcolm needs to kill Lucifer, and he isn’t going to let Dan get in the way when he can just threaten Chloe.


Later Malcolm reveals that he ended up in Hell when he almost died and he did not like what he saw. Because while he was there for a few seconds, down there time is longer and scarier. He won’t go against the orders that he has to kill Lucifer, and even if Dan doesn’t want to do it, he will. Malcolm gets Dan’s prints on a gun and plans to kill Lucifer himself but to have Dan take the fall.

Dan figures out a way to escape, but Malcolm has already found his way to Lucifer’s bar to kill him. He tells Lucifer that Amenadiel hired him and then we watch our favorite Devil talk his way out of killing him. After pointing out that Malcolm will eventually die and go back to Hell, he offers him his coin. He was going to use it to go back to Hell, but if Malcolm uses it, he can stay out of it. Malcolm takes the deal and leaves, but Lucifer still looks worried about his faith now that his brother is planning to kill him.

And that’s how he doesn’t see Vanessa with a gun coming. She shoots him and he faints but then he is revived with no injury as if nothing happened. Dan almost saves the day but doesn’t really need to, but at least he tried right?

The best part of this episode had to be Amenadiel and Maze on their ”date night.” These two characters really pop on screen, and I thought I was the only one that wished for something to actually happen. Turns out the writers beat me to it, hinting at the two having sex after their date. Maze tells Lucifer that while she was helping Amenadiel she wasn’t loyal to Lucifer, but now she has earned Amenadiel’s trust another way. And all this is just a ploy to help Lucifer which will be interesting to see in later episodes. I am not sure if we should have hope, but I will.


Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX.


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