TV Review: <i>Lucifer</i> – “#TeamLucifer”


With the season finale of Lucifer approaching, no one is safe and our favorite devil is spiraling slowly but surely. Not to mention the growing chemistry between Lucifer and Chloe, something that has to come to a head soon before we all go crazy. But this week, the crime was not only personal for Lucifer, it thrust him into a spotlight that he wasn’t ready for, his own.

This week was centered on the death of a girl, obsessed with the devil. She was reenacting a stabbing with a man and then ended up actually getting killed. Chloe and Lucifer find out that Rose performed animal sacrifices in the name of Lucifer, which definitely had something to do with her death since the killer left a note of appreciation for the devil. All signs point to an unknown man in Rose’s life being the potential killer.

They find the secret Satan worshiping group that Rose must have been apart of and find a way in because if there is one thing Lucifer can accomplish it’s getting into a own cult meeting dedicated to him. After causing a ruckus (Lucifer really wouldn’t have it any other way), they talk to the leader of this cult who says he just wants to find out who killed Rose and then he is out. He points Chloe in the direction of this mysterious Corazon, who is the most likely killer. He stole the blade that this cult used for their fake rituals which connects to the murder weapon and adds everything up.


That is until they find him dead in some abandoned location, strung up on a cross like panel. And of course there is another satanic message meant for Lucifer. All signs point to that creepy Reverend that yelled Lucifer earlier in the episode, as if he actually knows that he is the devil. He makes another reappearance, accusing Lucifer once again. Lucifer finally snaps and attacks him on the street, which makes him out to be the bad guy once again. This Reverend has to be the killer, right?


Lucifer figures everything out when Malcolm comes over and admits to it when he is caught red-handed (literally). Malcolm must be feeling some hero worship so he set out to kill all the posers who thought they were loyal Satan supporters.

Amenadiel is not having the best time, with Malcolm turning on him and him failing the one mission that he was assigned by his father. At least he has a girlfriend to lean on, although Maze isn’t exactly on the side of our favorite angel. She is still conspiring with Lucifer because the only way their friendship can be restored is if she spills everything she hears from his brother. And it isn’t long until Amenadiel picks up on it. What else explains Maze trying to stab him in his sleep? I have to say, I wanted these two to happen from the very start and I really hope this double agent act that Maze has going on won’t last long. Especially with the way she reacted when Amenadiel left her.

Lucifer is all set to cause Malcolm some serious pain, but our favorite angel interrupts. It looks like Maze’s betrayal has him a little upset with his brother, and the two fight it out. Amenadiel is kicking ass and taking names for a little while, but Lucifer fights back just as hard. The epic fight comes to a close when Maze says that they both used her, and they should just both kill themselves.


Chloe and Lucifer are going through a rough path since Lucifer is avoiding her like the plague. She is his weakness, and he isn’t risking the repercussions of spending too much time with her. Chloe calls him out on it since she must have grown an attachment to him as well. Things escalate when Lucifer frantically makes Chloe prove that she isn’t an angel sent down to destroy him. After that proves to be wrong, Lucifer’s paranoia starts all over again when Dan points his finger at him, saying his whole devil act may have inspired someone to kill people as an act of devotion for him. This drives Lucifer a bit mad when all he wants is for people to realize that he isn’t a monster. He is trying hard to prove himself and the changes that are happening in him, only to get frustrated when no one notices.

Linda tries to help, suggesting that if Lucifer doesn’t want to be vulnerable than he has to stay away from Chloe which doesn’t exactly work for him. Lucifer stops avoiding Chloe, instead chooses to open up to her even more. He reveals his deepest desire even with the looming suspicion that he has of Chloe being a pawn to take him down. Everything starts to make sense and then it doesn’t, with Chloe finding the body of the Reverend in the bar and arresting Lucifer for it.

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX.



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