TV Review: Wynonna Earp (1×04) “The Blade”

The Blade

The Blade is the best episode of the season so far. Everything that has been an issue in the last couple episodes seem to melt away with this one. It’s almost like the show runners have actually been reading these Wynonna Earp reviews.

One of the best parts about this adventure was the Revenant. Not only was it one of the seven that killed Willa, but it also had some pretty cool powers. The first thing that made August an interesting villain was that he wasn’t the first suspect. The protagonist had to go on a quick goose chase before they figured it out it was him instead of Malick. He then continued to be more compelling due to his powers. The fact that he could show up in reflections made him creepy. It was also kind of cool how he took out his third victim through the reflection instead of in real life. He also dodged Wynonna a couple of times by making those reflection clones. August also has some really good jumping skills because that jump from the lake was pretty impressive. He probably broke some sort of record.

What made the villain and this episode even better was the idea of revealing secrets, even though the people were getting killed for telling them. In a weird way the Revenant was helping by getting people to tell the truth, but at the same time it didn’t help that they all couldn’t be resolved due to the murders. Although the episode did show how a small town could be connected in so many ways. It turns out that Wynonna actually killed that girl’s father even though the other woman thought it was her fault. There was also the couple who in a way both worked towards sending Wynonna to juvie for the third time when she was younger. These secrets also brought to light how Waverly wants to be the heir. She has spent her whole life working towards it, but Wynonna was the one chosen.

Not only did the people in town open up, but so did Dolls for once. Even though the emotions were subtle it was still obvious that Dolls wasn’t being his usual robot self. He actually smiled a couple of times. There was even that awkward moment when he laughed in front of Doc. He’s slowly getting closer to becoming a real boy. It also turns out that Dolls is a collector of supernatural artifacts and even knows some rituals as well. In fact, he has some spirits that have a bone to pick with him from the last time he used that ritual. Hopefully we’ll find out more about his past and possibly meet some of the demons that Dolls has effected along his travels, and maybe next time they won’t possess him.

Another person with some new info put on the table is once again no other than Doc Holliday. It turns out that back in the day he was sick with tuberculosis. That didn’t sit well with him so he made a deal for an elongated life, hence why he’s still alive. The deal made him lose Wyatt’s friendship though and began the reason why he doesn’t like the Earps. It’s still unclear why he wants revenge. The deal also doesn’t explain why he came back once Wynonna got Peacemaker. There’s still a lot of mystery around that man.

If this episode proves anything then it’s that this show can get better. As long as it doesn’t go back to the problems that it faced in the last three. If Wynonna Earp continues on this path then it has the possibility to be a really good series.



Wynonna Earp airs Fridays @ 10/9c on Syfy


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