TV Review: <i>Orphan Black</i> 4×01 “The Collapse of Nature”

It’s time to jump back into the all things clones and Orphan Black. Actually, it was time two weeks ago, but here we are. Let’s play some catch up! Today we dive into the premiere episode of season four, tomorrow episode two and then we’ll be live again on Friday after a wonderful marathon of discussing all things Orphan Black, neolution and the beyond incredible talents of Tatiana Maslany.beth2

Season four kicked off by going back to the beginning and then some! Remember Beth? The very first clone that Sarah encountered, right before Beth jumped in front of a moving train. For the first time in the series, we get to spend some real time with one of the clones who started it all, even though she hasn’t been a major player for most of the series. The bulk of the episode focused on Beth’s time shortly before the first episode, though after she had met Alison and Cosima and discovered the truth about both herself and Paul.

The episode’s main plot centered around the murder of a Neolutionist that Beth had been tipped off about by another clone (who as far as I can remember, we hadn’t met before), and culminating in Beth’s shooting of Maggie Chen. We’re never quite brought up to speed between this episode and where we first meet Beth but it’s easy to imagine how she went from where we left her to deciding she was in over her head. Things unraveled for her pretty quickly and this episode could have as easily been named The Collapse of Beth as “The Collapse of Nature.” It wasn’t easy watching this character who was easy to like (probably due to her connection to all the other characters we already love) but who we already know will not have a happy ending.

Speaking of not so happy endings, we got to spend a little time with characters who are no longer alive in the current season. Paul and Dr. Leekie were never particular favorites of mine but their inclusion was yet another way that this episode acted as a perfect way to get caught up on all of the intertwining storylines that the last three seasons had brought together.

In other news, it turns out that Beth and Art had hooked up, which is likely a big part of why he had helped cover up what they thought was a simple civilian shooting. Now I want to go back and watch season one when Sarah was still impersonating Beth to see how their relationship played out, knowing what we do now. Though that would probably make for an interesting watch anyway just because we’ve learned so much about these characters and their history (both personal and scientific) since then.

The end of the episode cycled back to the timeline we were used to with Art making a call to Sarah, wherever she and Kira were tucked away. The new clone we met this week, M.K. has resurfaced and is telling Sarah to run because the Neolutionists know exactly where she is.


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