TV Review: Wynonna Earp (1×05) “Diggin’ Up Bones”

Diggin' Up Bones

Dolls is becoming more human by the episode. It turns out that one of his hobbies includes duck hunting, which he was willing to do with Cryderman at first. He later displayed that he doesn’t fully follow the rules like it seemed he would. He talked back to the judge and even threatened to talk to his superiors. On top of that, he told Cryderman that he has bad taste in drinks. He also let Wynonna and Fish go even though he knew that they were doing something illegal. The best moment was the one he shared with Wynonna when he gave her a picture of her and her sisters when they were younger. If this pattern continues then Dolls might turn into an actual likable character.

A character that was actually more interesting than he seemed at first was Fish. The thing that made this Revenant standout was that he seemed like a good person. From what he said, he only became a Revenant because of crimes based on love. Unfortunately for him, his lover was Levi. Poor Levi had been burning across the line for days, but Fish was not aware of this fact. His continued focus on finding his man and his willingness to die without hesitation displayed how much he loved Levi. It also showed how much humanity was still in him. The scene where Wynonna had to shoot him was  a moving moment because he didn’t come off as a bad guy and Wynonna could see that as well.

Speaking of bad guys, this episode revealed the identity of Miss Stone aka Constance Clootie. She was definitely a mixed bag. At first she seemed like a force to be reckoned with. She walked right in and took Bobo out of the precinct, and then she put him in his place at the barn. It was weird that she forced him to suck on her heel, but she had the power to do it. Although, that should’ve been the give away that she wasn’t exactly stable. There was that scene later with her talking to those bones. Apparently those are her “boys” and she needs Bobo’s help to bring them back. She also backed down in that moment and it made it seem like Bobo was in charge. It was also mentioned that she’s scared of Doc, but she easily paralyzed him when they met so that idea didn’t make sense.

Another thing that didn’t make sense was the Doc and Wynonna hook up in the forest. It was nice to see them work their individual charm on those maintenance ladies. Clearly one person did better than the other. But together there didn’t seem to be any vibes being sent out between the two of them, which is fine because it was a hook up, but it felt completely random. They were talking, then it was like “let’s have sex.” Maybe it’s just my perspective, but I would’ve liked more of a build up than a spontaneous sex scene.

A moment that did feel proper was the reveal of Cryderman possibly being one of the seven. He was already giving Dolls trouble, and he doesn’t like Wynonna, so this was just the icing on the cake. He now has the opportunity to give both of the duo trouble. In that respect he could be played up to be a pretty good villain, if the show has that in the cards for him.

“Diggin’ Up Bones” was another good episode of the season. It’s great that the show seems to be finding its bearing and building up a series that people can enjoy. It still needs to work on a couple things, but there are still episodes ahead that could deal with these issues.



Wynonna Earp airs Fridays @ 10/9c on Syfy


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