Supergirl takes flight to The CW for season two

supergirl-1280jpg-e43dd4_1280wYou’ve likely already read about it but just in case you too are in the dark, the CBS series Supergirl hasn’t just been picked up for a second season, but it’s also making the move to The CW. Home of it’s fellow DC, Greg Berlanti produced brethren including The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow, Supergirl has joined a much more familiar lineup than the procedural heavy, episodic tone of CBS.

Considering the blood bath that took place yesterday with all of the cancellations, frankly I was excited it was simply staying on air.

There are two ways to look at this news. The first is in the slightly pessimistic thought bubble that due to this move both channels and to the Vancouver shooting location that it means that the budget is getting cut, something that could very much impact the overall quality of the series where our hero is airborne quite often. However, all three of the other DC related series have done just fine with the budgets they’ve been given, from the stunt work that Arrow gets to use and the CGI that gives the Flash his speed or Hawkgirl’s ability to fly. Sure, maybe they series will find a way to keep Supergirl earthbound more often, but it seems more than anything that this will just be another challenge for the creative team to accomplish.

What is so great about this move isn’t just the notion that it may open up the possibility for more crossover events between the series (more Barry and Kara now please) but also that Supergirl always felt like a CW show from the start. Now it can adopt some of the same style and humor while staying light and effervescent in the face of Arrow’s increasingly grim tone. Also, am I the only one now super wishful that we get at least ONE scene with Green Arrow, The Flash, Speedy, Supergirl, Hawkgirl, Atom and Martian Manhunter together fighting evil? Because that would be superb.

I’m excited, are you?


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