TV Review: Wynonna Earp (1×07) “Walking After Midnight”

Waverly finally got her time to shine. This episode was mainly about her conflicts. It was nice to see Waverly take center stage for once since she’s primarily been in the background in previous episodes. What’s interesting about this episode is that it brings to light a problem that wasn’t really developed earlier, which is that the Earps don’t fit in. It’s been said about Wynonna a bunch of times, but Waverly didn’t seem to have this problem until now. Unfortunately for her, the two girls that she tries to bond with aren’t really that nice. Chrissy in particular took every shot she could to take down to her, but once again Waverly stood up for herself. It’s good that she is seeing through the people that don’t need to be in her life.

It’s also great to see that she is a hero in her own right. She took down that stripper that attacked her. She also bravely went up to the Stone Witch even though she could have been injured. The best part was when she destroyed the skull in order to save her friends. That move should’ve cost her life, but she did it anyways. Good thing she was saved in time.

On the topic of friends it seems like Doc is running out of them. He had the friendship of Waverly, but he lost that the moment she realized he used her. His revengeance is so strong that he would do anything to get it. His moves make sense due to his unfair imprisonment, but he needs to be smarter about everything. The Blacksmith gave him the tools to her destruction, now all he has to do is figure out the time of the witching hour. He should probably figure out how to break his bond with Constance so they don’t both die, unless he’s ready to move on.

Unfortunately for the Blacksmith, she died. It seemed like she was going to be a pivotal part of the show, but for not as short of a time as two episodes. Her power clearly wasn’t at the level of Constance’s. At least she was able to make it to Doc and tell him how to defeat her. If only she had been able to tell it to someone else that wasn’t blinded by rage.

On the matter of the Stone Witch, she appears to be a lot more powerful than expected. She was able to use her magic within the circle that the Blacksmith was trying to hide in. She even got her to leave it. What’s interesting about tonight’s episode is that she reveled that there are evils worse than Revenants and apparently her boys are one of them. The reason she has to bring them back being that they weren’t human. If that’s true then does that make the Stone Witch something else as well? Another thing that was revealed is that she did what she did to Doc simply because Wyatt Earp loved him and Wyatt killed her boys. Holliday has simply been a victim in all this. To make matters better for her she put a spell on Doc linking the two of them so her pain is his pain.

Another character that could be in trouble is Wynonna. Although she didn’t get as much air time as usual, that doesn’t mean evil gave her a break. What is to be assumed as the last Revenant is toying with her. If that wasn’t enough she keeps getting nose bleeds because of Revenant’s presence. If that wasn’t bad enough, she now has to work Officer Haught because Dolls is not around and their relationship is off to a rocky start.

Speaking of Dolls, he’s in trouble. Agent Lucado is threatening to close down his division. Apparently the work he’s been doing hasn’t been satisfactory. Dolls trump card is to show her a creature that’s never been documented. Could that be whatever he might be or something else entirely. Only time will tell.



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