TV Review: <i>Big Brother Canada 4</i> (Finale)

A winner has been crowned! After almost three months of back stabs, challenges, evictions and casino-themed twists, someone has walked out of the Big Brother Canada house with their head held high and the grand prize sitting pretty in their wallet. It’s a prize that is fought well to be earned, but for the first time, there’s not just one winner…there’s TWO!

The bumbling and good-hearted brothers, Nick and Philippe, have clinched victory over flight attendant Kelsey in a not-so-close 7-2 vote. Former Big Brother Australia winner, Tim, came in a close third after being eliminated before the last vote. Never have two people shared the victory crown together in a North American Big Brother series. This is definitely a win that these brothers will be remembered for, especially for the few times they were nominated and the wildcard twist that worked against them.

For those unfamiliar with the twist, Nick and Phil (who are brothers in real life) competed together in Big Brother Canada 4 as one player. They alternated competing in challenges, they were nominated together, became Have-Nots together, they made their votes together and they could have been evicted together. This twist has been done in the past with international seasons; particularly in the U.K. series which has seen multiple siblings and pairs compete as one. However, this win serves as a successful run for the twist as the brothers won the game together and will split the prize money.

Their victory came after a potential bumpy road in the finals. The brothers won back-to-back challenges in the last few rounds of the game, ensuring that Cassandra and Joel would be evicted instead of them. As the final HOH round started, they nearly got eliminated. They won the first part of the HOH competition (the physical challenge), but they lost part three to Kelsey (the trivia portion) and were left to her mercy as Head of Household. Fortunately for them, Kelsey evicted Tim instead of the brothers and the rest, as they say, is history.

It almost seemed to be a done deal once the brothers were given a spot in the finals. After the jury deliberated and made their last votes, it became perfectly clear that they were “Team Brothers.” Kelsey had made enough enemies through her friendship with the Third Wheel alliance, nothing she could do could turn the tide with certain people who had their minds set. Her loss had already been set in stone.

Let’s get this out of the way: It was not a bitter jury this year. Cassandra and Maddy may have let their detest of Kelsey be known from their facial expressions, but it didn’t (fully) impact their votes. The brothers made more genuine connections with the jury members on a personal level and real friendships that will last outside of the house. They may have lost to Kelsey in terms of strategic gameplay, but their social game was on point; Kelsey still had more enemies from the first half of the season. A real challenge, to the brothers, would have been if they faced off against Tim in the end. THAT would’ve been a nail-biting finish.


Speaking of Kelsey and Tim, let’s take a quick look back at the house guests the brothers defeated in the last rounds:

Big Brother Canada 4 ends its wildcard season with a surprising win. Never had I thought that the brothers, who were revealed on the first day to be playing together, would win the season. Their victory came from challenge wins, but it also stemmed from their social game that clinched the season and earned them the jury votes. Had it not been for a few surprising moves, like Tim giving up, Ramsey quitting, Kelsey returning, would the season have turned out differently? It’s a question worthy of being explored in the other timelines.

The season started with the wildcards and ended with the wildcards. Now it’s time for fans to wait until the Big Brother Canada doors open again next year…or when Big Brother U.S. returns this summer.


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Episode Ratings:

Finale – 8/10
Season Overview – 7/10



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