TV Review: ‘Wynonna Earp’ (1×08) “Two-Faced Jack”

Two-Faced Jack

This episode was not for people who are squeamish. Despite the fact that the scene was fake, it was still gross. Poor Bethany didn’t deserve to go out that way. If only she had been brave like Wynonna, maybe she could’ve gotten away. Probably not, but she should’ve given it a shot.

What this show continues to express is the strength of women. It’s great to see that Wynonna is not a damsel in distress. Yes, she did need help, but everyone needs help in life. A least she wasn’t lying there the entire episode. She quickly figured out that Reggie was lying and blocked those drugs from her system. She even made that great sneak attack with the knife. Sadly Reggie didn’t get close enough, but it’s the plan that counts. Let’s not forget that Wynonna clearly has a high pain tolerance. The way she casually laid there as Reggie clenched down on her toe, most people would’ve screamed and gave themselves away.

The plot twist with the villains was a small touch. Not only did it play up the real Jack of Knives, but it also displayed that humans can be just as messed up as demons. It was the reversal of Diggin’ Up Bones, which made some Revenants seem more human. The real Jack of Knives was correctly casted. Not only was it Greg Bryk from Syfy’s Bitten, but he also brought a lot of charisma to the character. The way he brought the dialogue was very interesting, especially at the end toward his death. Unfortunately for this Revenant, he died way too easily, which sucks because he had those cool heated claws. The future Revenants or villains need to put up more of a fight. I’m talking to you Bobo.

The end of Jack meant the end of the seven, but of course that brought Wynonna no peace. Revenge only gets a person so far. It’s interesting to see if her behavior will affect Doc in some way, since all he truly cares about is killing the Stone Witch.

Speaking of Doc, let’s talk about that Dolls and Doc team up. The two of them are great and terrible partners. When they work together they really get things done. They were able to decipher Officer Haught’s clues and figure our where to go next. They even convinced Whiskey Jimmy to give them a deal. The problem with that deal being that they had to fight. The fight was funny and entertaining. They both really gave it to each other, and thanks to the information Doc required, he was fueled enough to kill him. He was not joking when he was swinging that bottle around. He even hit Dolls below the belt, which is huge no. It was surprising when Dolls let him win. Not only did he know about classified information, but he hit him in the wrong spot. That calls for a beat down, if you ask me.

The whole classified information piece also added another intriguing layer to this episode. First off, it meant that Dolls was willing to give Doc up if necessary. The only reason he might have not is because he got caught. This led to the last scene where he captured and has now probably tortured Whiskey Jimmy for information. It was also mentioned that Bobo has friends in high places. Was that a reference to Cryderman or does he have someone within Black Badge?

Rating: 8/10


Wynonna Earp airs Fridays @ 10/9c on Syfy


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