TV Review: <i>Wynonna Earp</i> (1×09) “Bury Me with My Guns On”

Bury Me with My Guns On

Wynonna was the best thing about this episode. Seeing her trying to come to terms with being captured invoked emotional investment. It reminds the viewers that heroes don’t always walk away from a fight without some scars. That poor guy in the bathroom didn’t know what was coming. It only added negative energy to her emotional state when her badge got taken away by Dolls. That didn’t stop her though. She may have not been able to take down Bobo, but she certainly gave Clootie some time to think about things. Burying her in the salt was such a messed up yet satisfying thing for Wynonna to do to her.

Unfortunately for the Stone Witch, she was greatly weakened in this episode. She came off strong in the beginning. She mowed down those Revenants and took back her sons’ bones. She only managed to bring one back, but that was half of the goal she was going for the whole season. Sadly her son wasn’t pretty and he died in no time, which was really upsetting not only to her, but to the episode as a whole. Why play up a villain if they’re instantly going to lose? It also felt odd that she was so easily captured by both Bobo and Doc. Even with her powers weakened, she should’ve put up more of a fight. Now she’s stuck in a hole in the ground, facing a fate similar to that of the one she put Doc in.

As for Mr. Holliday he got what he wanted. He was finally able to get the Stone Witch. Granted he did have to talk his way into getting her, but he made sure Bobo kept his end of the deal. What’s interesting about Doc is that he would’ve done anything to get Clootie. The moment when he pulled his gun on Wynonna was truly surprising. It felt like he would’ve shot her if necessary. What’s ironic about him is that he is consumed with revenge, but in the beginning of the episode he was giving Wynonna a speech about it. Only time will tell if he’s alright with leaving Constance in that hole.

Another character that may have found peace was Waverly. She finally hooked up with Nicole. That moment was great because she was able to make her own decisions and decide to get with Haught even though it scared her. The only issue was one of the earlier scenes leading up to that moment. When Waverly was walking out of town her actions felt forced. Yes, she was upset, but it didn’t make sense for her to leave town and for Nicole to casually be the one to pick her up. That scene felt forced, but now that they’re possibly a thing, it’s fine. It’s interesting to think how her family and everyone else in town might view their relationship. No one has spoken out against that type of lifestyle so it’s intriguing to see if that’ll be a problem. Also, Waverly has the check from Gus now. Wonder what she’ll decide to do with it.

What will Bobo do with the bar. That’s right, he’s now the proud owner of that establishment. He bought it right from Wynonna’s aunt. What he plans to do with it is a mystery, but now the Revenants have another spot in town. Maybe now he’ll be able to find that lead he needs to leave the triangle.

Last but not least is Dolls. He didn’t do much this episode. He didn’t help Wynonna out until the end. Until that moment, he was hanging out with Sheriff Neatley. That was a nice change of pace. It was suggested that the two of them will work together in the future. That would certainly help out both sides. The two of them even went to the bar together. Unfortunately, Dolls decided not to talk to any of the townsfolk. He should’ve if he plans to stay in Purgatory for a while.

Rating: 6/10


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