TV Review: ‘Wynonna Earp’ (1×10) “She Wouldn’t Be Gone”

Wynonna Earp - Season 1

It turns out that Bobo had more enemies. Aside from the protagonist, there was the Revenant Lou that also didn’t like Del Ray’s presence. Their friendship turned enemy story wasn’t a new concept, but the mention of a secret weapon seemed to change the game.

Unfortunately that weapon wasn’t all that it turned out to be. The skinwalker was a cool concept, but the show didn’t explain why the other Revenants would be so scared of her, especially Bobo. In her wolf form she seemed fierce, but the bear form didn’t really cause any danger. Instead it made for poor CGI. The skinwalker also didn’t seriously hurt anyone expect for that girl in the beginning. She really wasn’t that strong of a weapon.

Lou was a let down as well. It wasn’t explained how he was able to hide from three heirs. The assumption seemed that no one ever checked the woods. I also doubt that many girls could go missing without someone noticing them heading or being taken to the woods. On top of that he didn’t display any unique powers. The skinwalker did all the work. He was just like any of the regular background Revenants, except for the fact that he liked to collect girls. That part was also weird. I don’t think it was fully explained why he did that. As a whole there were more plot holes in his character than interesting facts.

A villain that is a force to be reckoned with is still Bobo. He only shows up for a little while in each episode, but he is displayed as the alpha. It was funny how he dragged that Revenant’s face across the counter in order to find the mic hidden in the bar. He could have simply destroyed it, but instead he used it to divulge Wynonna’s thing with Doc and then he broke it.

Doc was surprisingly not front and center in this episode. He got pushed to B string with Waverly. Once again his feelings got hurt when Wynonna told him that there was no “them”. He can’t win with that girl. He did get a car though, despite the fact that he doesn’t know how to drive. He seemed to get some handle on the skill because he was able to drive 140 mph and come to a stop when Nicole caught up to him. It would’ve been nice to have some scenes of him figuring out how to use an automobile. This episode missed its chance on those types of scenes. His departure also felt weird and oddly placed. He randomly decided to leave. His reasoning made sense, but the timing of it all felt unnatural. There’s no doubt that he’ll be back before the season’s end.

As usual, Waverly also got the short end of the stick this episode. She did have a few scenes, but the most significant moments were when she was with Haught or talking about her. Their relationship is becoming stronger and it seems like Waverly knows what she wants. She just needs to tell Wynonna and see how she reacts.

Wynonna and Dolls got to team up again this time around. Ironically they didn’t do too much teamwork. They helped each other out in small moments rather than working together the whole time. The two of them are definitely getting closer though. Wynonna found out that he’s from Arizona and that he’s afraid of the woods. Soon it feels like she might discover why he has to take that drug and if he’s something other than human. Dolls, however, is getting more emotionally attached to her. It looked like he was ready to kiss her when they were next to his car. Maybe he’ll actually make a move before the finale. That is if Willa doesn’t take too much of Wynonna’ time.


That’s right! It turned out that Eve was Willa the entire time. Wynonna assumed this when she was able to shoot Peacemaker and kill Lou. The concept seemed greatly solidified when Gus saw her and called her Willa. The Earp sisters might be back together again.

Rating: 7/10

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays @ 10/9c on Syfy



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