Book Review: ‘Forever Doon’ by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

Forever Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon – A Review, or in other words, a Thank You

At last, it seems like the time to cross the bridge one last time is upon us. It was only three years ago that I was first brought into the world of Doon, filled with action, romance, and by ways of me, Morlocks. Yes, that’s right, I am still talking about them.

Just as Kenna and Vee have grown throughout the novels, I have too, beginning in high school and ending in college. Somehow, it feels as though these novels have been timed just right, so that I can grow alongside my favorite pair of fictional best friends.

Our leading ladies have matured so much and now face unusual circumstances of adult responsibilities. While my problems don’t consist of running a kingdom (I wish), or saving the day from evil witches (again, wishing), their hardships were relatable in their own sense of newfound responsibilities and the burdens that follow them as emerging adults. My soft spot for this story blooms from just that, all the different obstacles I’ve faced throughout the last few years and how Doon has always happened to be there to cheer me right up, and at just the right time too.

While every installment of Doon centers on the same sort of dilemmas, Corp and Langdon always manage to seamlessly recreate them in new and exciting scenarios that play out like nothing before. This is where they usually happen to be  ahead of the curb, whereas other series lack in original recreation or different material altogether. In turn of this, these awesome lady writers have no problem targeting every single one of your emotions and charging them at full force. I still remember just how much Destined for Doon played with my head and had me listening to sappy soundtracks for weeks on end. No Doon book has ever failed to make me laugh and cry within the same sitting.

Forever Doon doesn’t cut it short, either. In fact, I’d dare to say this is the most emotional installment yet. I’ll go on to admit that the tone of romance in this series has calmed, but has not lost momentum, as most readers usually worry it will. A new, adult romance has bloomed from the past events our characters have faced and it was enlightening to see how while the love was still there, stronger than ever, it had a much less forceful presence.

Going into writing this review, I was so down. Just as we all grow to love fictional characters, I’ve come to love Kenna and Vee and it saddens me immensely to have to say goodbye to a story that has brightened my heart on the worst of days. I want to do them justice and give them just as much as they’ve managed to give me, but I’m not so sure that’s possible. I’d like to think that this is where the beauty in writing and reading lies. Writers and stories and characters all give us endless possibilities; they give us hope, fear, love, anguish, all these different emotions they can evoke from us to create worlds that, in turn, don’t always feel so fictional. They give us friends when we have none, adventures when we need some, and hope when the world happens to look like a dark, bleak place.


I can’t tell you what it is I’m trying to say in this review, because I’m not exactly sure myself, but I want Carey and Lorie to know that without ever sitting down with me face-to-face, they’ve managed to make me feel as though I’m one of their closest friends. I know that writers often times question their work and if they’ve made a difference, and Lorie and Carey, above all else, have made a difference in my literary (and not-so-literary) life. They’ve gifted me with a world of endless imagination and possibilities, just like they’ve gifted so many other readers who need something else, something more out of life, and all I really want to say to them is thank you.

Thank you for creating Doon, for giving us an escape, and for giving us a story to hold onto, time and time again.

Thank you. 



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