TV Review: Dark Matter (2×13) “But First We Save the Galaxy”

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  • Erica-AM

    Eagerly awaiting Season 3. I hope they bring back One/Derrick Moss. I think they could do it like this:

    Remember the FTL-capable Marauder that came back with the Raza from the alternate universe? Let’s say that it was piloted by the alternate-Jace Corso. Sometime in Season 3, they capture alternate-Jace, put him in a stasis pod, and erase his memory using Five’s memory-wiping program. Then, they use the neural imprint of Derrick Moss (which was stored on the Raza’s computer with everybody else’s neural imprints) and place it onto alternate-Jace’s mind.

    Voila! We get One back, albeit without his most recent memories, but the rest of the crew could fill him on what happened. The best part is that we get Marc Bendavid back on the show! :)

    • Killsqu8d

      Same! Summer ’17 can’t come soon enough!!

  • Killsqu8d

    Love this show finally got around to finishing season 2!!