TV Review: Lucifer Season 2 Premiere – “Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer”


If Lucifer does one thing right, it’s premiere episodes. The introduction to the second season not only wrapped up everything from the prior season, but also managed to effortlessly move on to the next story arc. Lucifer might come off as a regular procedural, yet the premiere episodes always manage to create a bigger purpose to the show.

Lucifer and Amenadiel working together to find their mother sets up for a great partnership. Those two at odds in the first season made sense, but there comes a point when they work better together and I can’t wait to see that play out now that their mother has arrived. Amenadiel in general has been a favorite for me, it’s about time that he had his own issues to deal with. His powers are still there but like Lucifer, they are drifting and this seems to weigh on him more than it ever did on his brother. Watching Amenadiel battle with this change is a new addition to the show that I can’t wait to watch unfold.

Another shift Lucifer has approached very well has to be the unlikely friendships. Maze and Linda had a blossoming friendship in the first season, it’s great to see that follow through into this premiere. It was a subtle reminder that Maze is no longer as alone as she used to be, when all she had to look forward to was looking after Lucifer. She’s been through a lot thanks to Lucifer and Amenadiel, so having a genuine friendship or two can only benefit her in the long run. The same could be said for Linda, who usually is just known as Lucifer’s therapist but now could grow further within the show.

Lucifer and Chloe’s banter picked up right where it left off which I was glad to see right off the bat. Their relationship is one of the core parts of the show and it looks like it will continue with even more trust between the two. Romantic or not, these two share a bond and Lucifer’s mother can only shake them up for the better.

But the most seamless transition into the new season were the new characters. There weren’t many, but they fit in so well it’s like you don’t notice that they are being pushed into the main story. Lucifer’s mother was the highlight of the premiere, even if her official introduction only began in the very end. It’s obvious that her arc is just beginning and she managed to capture our attention in only that one scene. I’m not sure how much we can trust her, yet I can’t wait to find out just judging by the way her past with Lucifer has shaped him in present time. The show is creating their own narrative and it’s fascinating to watch that play out on screen.

The one issue that might pick up this season is the crimes that Lucifer and Chloe investigate. The reason they blended so well into the narrative last season was because of the way almost every crime connected back to either Lucifer or Chloe. It was personal, something they used to their advantage when they tried to make us invested in each new story. The crime they were investigating in the premiere was personal, until it wasn’t. Lucifer thought it was related to his mother and once we realized it really wasn’t, that part of the episode really lost it’s touch. This might be a look into what the season holds for us, but I want to see a few more episodes before I decide to give up on that aspect of the show.

Overall the second season premiere was successful in luring us back, Lucifer’s world was that much more appealing to come back to. If approached the right way, Lucifer’s mother might make an amazing new villain debut that could last the entire season. With backstories like Amenadiel trying to figure out what is happening to his powers the longer he stays on Earth and Maze attempting to build a more stable life, there should be enough to keep us hooked.

Lucifer definitely continues to surprise us and remind us why we became this attached to the characters in the first place.


Rating: 9/10


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