TV Review: Scream Queens 2×01 “Scream Again”


Scream Queens made its second season debut with a reminiscent reminder of what the show really was, with the addition of some new characters and a new killer. The Green Meanie will be memorable, if his name is anything to go by. But the new characters are already stealing the story and making it their own. Scream Queens thrives on its outrageous antics and dark comedy, and the premiere proved that once again.

The new season of Scream Queens is like a new show altogether, because the new setting alone changes everything. The sorority house is no more, and now Dean Munsch’s hospital is the isolated location where all the murders will go down. It makes sense, since the episode started out with a flashback to a patient getting thrown in the lake because the doctor wanted to enjoy the Halloween party. It always returns back to the scene of the crime, and this time there’s a weird green lake to prove it.

The flashback to Halloween and the murder was an obvious callback to the flashbacks we saw last season. Once again the party inside was much more interesting than saving someone’s life, and that has to come back to haunt them later. I liked the way the show circled back to the core of its crimes, implementing clear parallels without making it exactly the same. There is a solid theme for the show, and each season plays it out in a different but hilarious way.

Personally, I am all about the killers when it comes to shows like this. When Scream Queens premiered last year, we had a much bigger look into what was coming with a two hour pilot. This didn’t happen with the season, and you could feel it. The killer only showed up in the last few minutes of the episode and it would have been more captivating if we spent more time with this villain. The episode was all about building up the end of the last season and weaving it into a new location and a new plot, but was that good enough?

The new doctors, for example, were worth the introduction. Their first patient case had to be the best way to make us invested, but I definitely would have liked to see more of the mystery and maybe even the flashbacks, because they make the season even more solid.


Known characters like the Chanels and Zayday who were the best parts of the last season transferred over to the new. Scream Queens did a good job of taking what was good and using it to make this season great from the very beginning. The Chanels have chemistry with whoever they are up against, whether its a group of romantic interests or a common enemy. If you partner that up with how dynamic all the other characters are, you get scenes that you can’t get enough of.

The premiere of Scream Queens set up the rest of the season by dealing with all the messy parts beforehand. There aren’t many questions we have left about things that happened before, and I think that characters like Denise and Chad will answer the ones that remain in the next few episodes. But with that out of the way, the show can tackle the new villain and the new story that its trying to tell.

I’ve loved the show since its first season, so I don’t doubt that things will get more intense and very hilarious. The premiere episode alone proved that Scream Queens does well when it doesn’t take itself too seriously and just focuses on being outrageous. The less sense it makes, the more entertaining and addictive it is.


I’m excited to see where this new season goes, but if I could have one thing disappear, it would have to be Hester. She was never that attention grabbing for me, yet if she was the killer last season I assumed her story would be wrapped up by now. With her confessing to the crimes it brings her back, or at least the opportunity is back on the table, and I’m sure it won’t be wasted. Hester was a big part of every plot and it might be overkill if she comes back with that again this season.

Overall, the premiere was everything I was expecting and more. The characters feel like people you want to watch because of how out there they are. The hospital has a life of its own that I am excited to get to the bottom of. Things will only get better when more familiar faces come back to remind us why we fell in love with Scream Queens to begin with.

Rating: 10/10



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