TV Review: Poldark Season 2 Premiere

  • BF1964

    And, in the most important and yet overlooked plot device, Ross repeatedly takes his shirt off. That right there is worth the price of admission ;)

  • Thomas Main

    Just a quick thought on Ross and the not guilty verdict, something not touched on in the dramatised TV series but evident in the books, the Poldark’s are a ancient Cornish family, Cornwall being part of the West Country and the old Kingdom of Wessex Alfred the Greats Kingdom. They do not like George he is a upstart a outsider and a money grubber, all his machinations to have Ross convicted have backfired, no jury in that part of Cornwall would convict a Poldark for doing what the people of Cornwall have being doing for thousands of years, the coastline around Cornwall is famously treacherous wrecks frequent and a welcome source of free goods in a time before coastguards or Police, if was even known for locals to cause wrecks with false lights mimicking local lighthouses.