TV Review: Scream Queens 2×02 “Warts and All”


Scream Queens counted on the success of last season’s characters to carry over into the new season and it turned out even better this time around. Chad Radwell came back to the show in style, and we even got an answer about who wore the Red Devil mask to scare Chanel at the end of the season. The winning scenes this week had to be between Dr. Brock Holt and Chad who are vying away for Chanel’s attention.

I didn’t think we would get a look into Dr. Holt’s history, but the mystery of the hand he now has was better than anything I could have imagined. Hopefully this murderous backstory plays more of a part in future episodes because Dr. Brock Holt just got even more interesting. Between this and his new tug of war for Chanel’s heart, Dr. Holt could very well become a fan favorite this season.

Now I’m not sure what the general opinion of Dean Munsch is but she was my favorite so I’m counting on her not dying any time soon. Her eating a corpse thinking it’s a delicious dessert reminded me why she stands out so much in the first place. I didn’t want to risk googling ”corpse diet effects,” but does all of this make sense?

I was right about Hester being back soon, her storyline not really giving much away and wasting time in my opinion. She knows something but she won’t share? Does she even know as much as she is letting on or is this another one of her games? I wish the answers to all this aren’t tied to Hester because it might limit how much the other characters could contribute.  The more time we spend trying to see what Hester knows, the less screen time the other characters get which I’m not necessarily interested in seeing.

As for the weekly procedural type of mystery that we’ve been getting through the different patients, Scream Queens really has gone above and beyond to create a completely new story this time around. These patients have illnesses that usually make no real sense, yet they all pull you in because they aren’t your run of the mill diseases that you get to hear about very often. Looking like a werewolf, getting so frightened that you constantly scream and having weird acne bubbles all over your face has to be the the tip of the iceberg here.

Now this week’s episode gave us an unlikely friendship that I demand to see more of from this moment on. Zayday and Chamberlain working together to figure all this out has to be the best bet for an answer. No one else is paying attention to what’s going or caring for that matter. Maybe after Chanel #5’s one second boyfriend died the group will actually try to look into it. Zayday and Chamberlain got an early start that might just push them to the finish line while everyone is trying to catch up.

The one downside to this season is the lack of a villain. The Green Meanie is around but we barely see him, something that was a little different in the first season. The Red Devil made more appearance and we got a look into what was happening through that perspective. The Green Meanie has made a few attempts to kill and has achieved but what is the villain like outside of it? Scream Queens utilizes humor, especially when it comes to the murderer and that has to make it’s way into the new season in order for the audience to care enough about the villain to keep watching.

Rating:  9/10



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