TV Review: Younger 3×02 “The Marshmallow Experiment”


A lot is riding on Liza’s shoulders, and this week we discovered just how much weight she’s carrying at Empirical.

Charles brings in Bryce, a young Millennial with loads of money, tech knowledge and who is looking where to bring in his new book to print. Charles hints that things aren’t going smoothly in the company when he mentions that “a lot of things will have to change around here.” This could be one of the reasons why Charles is acting so cold but I figure it also has to do with him thinking Liza swerved him for dinner.

It doesn’t help that at the meeting, Bryce brings up his love for Josh’s artwork and Diana then tells him that’s Liza’s ex-boyfriend. Liza clarifies that Josh is actually her boyfriend which gets her an intense wide-eyed look from Charles. The underlying tension was fun.

But what was more fun was when Bryce invites Kelsey and Liza to one of his parties. He loves the fact that they “get him” and decides to sign with Empirical despite the “Olds” like Charles and Diana. Kelsey decided to bring the laptop to Bryce’s party and he asks one of his tech friends to crack the password. She’s able to do it in less than a minute! A folder with Liza’s name is sitting right there on the desktop and if it wasn’t for the fact that Kelsey is fed up with how douche like Thad’s password was then Liza would’ve been in trouble. Kelsey decides to let go of anything having to do with Thad, closes the laptop and then launches it into Bryce’s rooftop pool.

But will we really see the end of that laptop? Or what it hold inside? I would say no. Bryce is one of Millennial Print’s new clients and he’s a fan of Josh. Things are bound to get messy.

Back at work, Dr. Jane Wray’s book is selling big and everyone is loving Liza’s chapter in particular. Jane has been invited to Oprah’s show on the one condition that she reveals who the chapter is about. Liza logically insists on what a terrible idea this is that could also land them a lawsuit. We also get a preview of what the reactions would be to Liza confessing who she really is. Charles brands her a opportunist, Kelsey a sociopath and Diana a simple nutcase. It won’t be an easy crowd to turnover their opinions.

Josh meanwhile is racking up points for his team. He’s agreeing to take it slow with Liza and is getting involved in every part of her life. He even offers to help Liza pay for Caitlyn’s tuition should anything happen to Liza’s employment situation. That’s called being “all in.” The boy is smitten…and is truly the marshmallow in this experiment.

It seems like Liza is taking him up on his offer to further their relationship by the end of this episode. But as we all know, things can quickly change in Younger.


Rating:  9/10 


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