TV Review: Scream Queens 2×03 “Handidate”


Scream Queens made it’s return after a brief hiatus with a possible death that really shocked, and more answers to questions that we didn’t know we had.

Chad Radwell isn’t dead.

I am willing to accept any explanation, except the one that has Chad dead and never coming back to the show. My first thought when his body fell through the ceiling was about the murder scene. Scream Queens is known for it’s over the top attacks, so where was the Green Meanie chasing Chad to death?

Either someone else killed Chad and that’s why we didn’t actually see that go down, or Chad faked his own death. Chad could have gotten cold feet on the way and decided that having Chanel think he was killed is better than telling her the truth. We already know that Chanel carries a stun gun, I imagine that she could do a lot of damage if she was told to give back the ring she was promised.

Hester knowing that the Green Meanie killed again is a little suspicious, but I’m still holding out for her not actually knowing anything. She was a big part of the last season and it might be time to just give her character a break. She has yet to to give them something that leads them somewhere, they almost had a break and yet not really.

The Chanels are running in circles with Hester and unless she actually shares something, why is she still around? I could maybe be okay with her appearing every week if she doesn’t become the killer because that would ruin it even more. Hester has her turn, let another vengeful baby get their chance at revenge.

And while we’re at it, why is this person scared of Zayday?


I don’t see why this would happen, unless the killer is someone we actually know instead of an unknown person with a vengeance. This being personal somehow would actually play out better because it would be built up from some backstory, instead of us getting clues that are pulled away at the last minute.


Last season we thought we knew everything and then the last episode proved that we were led to believe the complete opposite of what actually happened. The same could be applied this time around, so these flashbacks could be pushing us to one of three suspects but how much can we trust that to be a viable option?

Now if you asked me two episodes ago if I thought Cassidy and Chanel #3 would work I would have said no but their scenes really turned me around. Chanel #3 doesn’t display most, or in fact any, emotions and that’s an interesting contrast to Cassidy’s calm nature. I didn’t think I would root for them, but now I am really hoping those two manage to figure it out.

Cassidy thinks he has to complete a task to move on from this dead state, how much money are we betting on the fact that his job is to solve the mystery? Maybe Cassidy needs to come face to face with the Green Meanie and take him down, granting himself the ability to not be dead anymore because of that.

My biggest question about all of this though is about Dr. Brock Holt and where he was while Chad was getting ”murdered.” He might not be the Green Meanie, but his hand is still not exactly doing well. It’s probably itching to kill someone and he was suspiciously absent from the wedding party. On top of that, he was also watching Chad propose like a creeper in the park and that showdown was a little too dramatic to not be important.


So far I have no guesses on who the Green Meanie actually could be but I know who I want to stay safe. Dean Munsch and Chamberlain were almost killed, which is just not okay. If anyone is going to make it out alive, it has to be those two because I don’t think I can handle any more of my favorite characters dying.

Sidetone though, does Dean Munsch have an official death sentence on her or is there still a chance that she’s okay? It sounds like she accepted the inevitable, but I’m thinking there could still be a way for her to survive. Has anyone googled cannibalism side effects? Can you really die from eating one person or is there a limit you hit that starts spreading the deadly disease for you?

Rating: 8/10



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