TV Review: Younger 3×04 “A Night at the Opera”


If there’s something that I love about Darren Star and his team of writers, is that he always touches important topics or moments that happen in relationships yet aren’t openly discussed. He’s able to do it with a touch of comic relief while still giving the female perspective. He did it in Sex and The City when Carrie farted for the first time in front of Big, which was mortifying for her because for a long time it’s been thought that women simply don’t fart. It was a great relatable moment and now Darren Star did it this week on Younger as the show hit on the topic of period sex. I’m not sure if that’s even ever been discussed on TV before? The show was able to discuss it in a really open yet tasteful way without being gory or overboard.

Liza was very apprehensive and quite resistant about going for it with Josh even though he was absolutely fine with it. He even had a busy patterned towel just in case for the occasion. Josh is too cute. I thought it was hilarious that Kelsey thought he was “woke.” The dialogue between Kelsey and Lauren on period sex was pretty great.

Meanwhile, Diana has been getting busy with the plumber from her building. It’s probably what’s had her so distracted from Bryce’s plans for Empirical.

Bryce is insufferable and even when Liza gets him what he wants he changes his mind. It turns out he’s planning on making employee cuts by 45%. Liza is an asset to the company and Bryce tells her not to worry that he will be cutting out the “olds” like Diana! Liza needs to get this information to Charles stat. He’s completely unaware of how much of a threat and wild card that Bryce is to Empirical and for the future of the company.

It turns out that Liza gets a chance to speak to Charles at the Opera. Diana gives her tickets to Liza and she brings Josh as her date. Charles is there with his date as well and they run into each other as Liza is exiting the bathroom. She comes out having trouble zipping up her dress and Charles lends her a hand with the longest, most seductive zip-up ever! It leaves Liza’s thoughts all jumbled up because she’s unable to bring up Bryce or anything else until Josh and Charles’ date show up.

Josh is oblivious to anything that’s going on. He fully trusts and loves Liza and like any good partner would, believes that she’s completely open with him about everything. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Liza. Yes, Josh knows her secret and knows everything about her but he doesn’t know about her feelings for Charles that seem to be growing intensely.


So intensely, that after the moment she had with Charles and her zipper she runs to Josh and she abandons all her inhibitions about period sex. It’s so not right of Liza to be toying with Josh like this. He’s a genuine guy. SMH.

I think I’m definitely on #TeamJosh. I’ve been too scared to declare my allegiance in case he did anything to mess up his winning streak. But Charles is just playing games with Liza knowing she’s in a full on, serious relationship. Is Liza a huge factor of why he’s doing this? Yes.

It seems as though Liza has a liking for trouble and dishonesty. Let’s see what this all will boil down to.



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