TV Review: Younger 3×05 “P is for Pancake”


Every time I watch Younger I actually end up learning quite a few things myself. This week I learned about the “bad pancake” theory, and what a great one it is!

Kelsey decides to give dating a try and goes on a date with Lucas who is almost too perfect to be real. Their date goes amazingly well, and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with him. Kelsey’s date was indeed so good that she actually sees a future with him! She shares this with her friends, and Lauren is concerned and comes to the conclusion that he must be the “bad pancake.” Now for all of you who aren’t aware here’s how the theory works. When you’re making a batch of pancakes, the first one always gets burned. Therefore, whoever you date after a serious relationship is usually the “bad pancake,” and it’s a relationship that never works out. Just like in the kitchen, that first relationship after a serious one is bound to end up burnt.

Lauren claims that Kelsey’s “widow” state is clouding her judgement towards Lucas. They decide to bring him to the doctors party that Lauren’s boyfriend is hosting for further inspection. Liza and Josh tag along for support. Lucas is just as perfect in person as Kelsey described. Kelsey opens up to Lucas, and he totally understands where she’s coming from as they agree to wait a while before moving forward.

That is until he mentions he lives in Roosevelt Island. I’m not from New York, so I did not understand their hasty reaction to discard Lucas just because of it. Who knows, Roosevelt Island could become the next Williamsburg. Either way, this landed Lucas in the hookup pile, and Kelsey did the deed and waved goodbye from inside of the tram. Harsh!

Back at the party, the young doctors complain about the unrealistic expectations that women in their forties have to get pregnant. In your twenties, the chances of getting pregnant are equivalent to catching a cold. In your forties, it’s not quite the same scenario, and it definitely triggers something inside of Josh. Even while smoking weed, the topic is able to jolt him into thinking about the his and Liza’s future. The reality of their age difference seems to have sunk in suddenly as they thought of not having his own children with Liza might be a big hurdle for them to jump over. Liza makes it quite clear that there won’t be any more children for her in the future. Both positions are valid. This could be a deal breaker for their relationship, unfortunately.

Meanwhile at the office, Bryce continues to cause disruptions. He finds his disruptions lead to productive results, but I’m sure everyone at Empirical would beg to differ. His desire to change literature’s greatest classics irks everyone in the office and frankly disturbed me even though I am a millennial like Bryce. Charles has bit his tongue long enough, and he finally stands up to Bryce. This was the best line of the whole episode!


“Rewriting Fitzgerald is not a disruption, it’s a desecration.” – Charles

Charles tells Bryce that Empirical won’t need any more of his disruptions, and Bryce takes his “innovative” ideas and his money with him. The financial future of the company is on the line now. But nonetheless, Liza commends Charles for his courage to fight for the preservation of books and literature. They share an intimate moment as Charles continues to flirt despite his new relationship.

Also, we see Diana try to soften her image this week in her attempt to fit in with the younger crowd in the office. Seeing her in a pair of boyfriend jeans was everything! I leave you a picture of it below for your enjoyment.

All in all, it was a good episode this week. But, how will Empirical stay afloat without Bryce’s money? Also, is this really the last that we’ve seen of him? Leave your comments below on what you believe will happen in the season’s future episodes.



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