TV Review: Supergirl 2×06 “Changing”


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Despite some very obvious wire work and some VERY awkward chemistry between Megan and J’onn (he’s supposed to be a paternal figure?!) this weeks Supergirl hit all the right beats by playing up the emotional drama along with the actions. All they needed was for Lena Luther to make and appearance. Here are my three favorite things about this weeks episode “Changing”.

*The tone struck and immediate difference with previous episodes as we were given a more Twilight Zone origin for this weeks baddie who ends up more a tragic figure than simply villainous, more than anything playing the host body for a long gestating alien virus. For a show that has seemingly aimed to be more family friendly than other TV superhero properties it certainly indulges with it’s fair share of body horror this week which only manages to amplify the idea of a threat. For a monster to render both Supergirl and the Green Martian helpless we need a formidable foe and the episode delivers on this. Both heroes are physically crippled as their power is sucked out of them, paving the way for the Guardian to make his entrance. “Changing” embraces an eerier than usual atmosphere which allows Supergirl to break its formula for an episode.

*I would like to now suggest that Jeremy Jordan and Mechad Brooks share all scenes together because despite some convoluted means of James finally donning the suit, their moments together is the best and most comfortable their acting has ever been on the series. Neither are playing strictly the type they’d been written into a box for in the past, both expanding upon what we know of the characters and hinting as wishes and beliefs beyond that. Jordan and Brooks sell the want to both play their own roles in the saving the day and the stress that comes with it. While I’m still skeptical of James wanting to dive headfirst into being a superhero despite his lack of fighting skills or powers, I do buy that he and Winn would have a tough time standing by as Kara risked her life week in and week out.

*As has been the cast thus far with season two it’s Alex and her story-line about coming out that truly both wins and breaks my heart and Chyler Leigh continues to crush her scenes of vulnerability and steely resolve. Her opening up to Kara isn’t just well acted but it’s written with such a deft, delicate hand that I can only imagine how touching and significant it must be for young LGBTQIA girls watching at home. Her admittance to looking back at memories under a different scope is painfully realized, as is her concern that Kara is upset with her about it but nothing broke my heart quite as much as her own heartbreak after Maggie-politely-turned her down after a stole kiss. Her embarrassment and rejection is genuinely felt and while there’s a thread of truth in Maggie’s words one can’t help but wish Maggie had reciprocated Alex’s feelings.

*I know I said three things but I’d regret it later if I didn’t mention how much I adored drunk Kara. That was simply adorable.

What do we think is going to happen to Mon-El and J’onn next week? Do you think James picking up his Guardian shield is painting a fat target on the characters back? Comment below and let us know what you thought of this weeks episode.


Rating: 8/10


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