TV Review: Scream Queens 2×05 “Chanel Pour Homme-icide”


After an excruciating hiatus, Scream Queens finally returned with an entertaining episode that gave us some more answers that didn’t actually confirm anything, yet.

The way they pushed the plot along left the chance for Denise to come back, something I’m very glad for because I just can’t imagine her being gone for good. And of course, Chanel #5 was alive and well. But maybe she should consider investing in some new friends? If you got stabbed and need help, you need people who will at least apply pressure to the wound before leaving you to fend for yourself.

At least the Chanels got some more protection, which I wish I actually believed but I can’t. Trusting Hester to blindly might be the dumbest decision that Chanel has had so far. She literally told you that she is just as murderous and crazy, yet you decide to hide her in your house. And on top of that, Hester admitted to knowing a shocking amount about the Green Meanie. If I was Chanel, I would question how she knew all this and what she was doing in her free time.

The new Chanels weren’t what I expected but Tristan was a happy distraction, especially since he was the only fleshed out member. The constant conversation that Scream Queens has about fandom will never stop being hilarious, no matter how real it actually is. But with the great way that Tristan fit into the show, we should have known that he would be dead before the episode ended.

The best part of the episode for me was Zayday playing detective, because she really is the one who will figure it all out. No one else pays as much attention or actually tries to figure it out. so if I could save only one of the girls it would have to be Zayday.


Chamberlain doesn’t have a big role in all of this, but having a man who just wanted to cheer people up in that hospital is the addition we all wanted. Having him around as someone who simply wants to help is wonderful and maybe Zayday will enlist him in more of her adventures. They are this close to finding out that Cassidy is the baby that might be killing everyone in that hospital as a form of revenge.

I mentioned before that I don’t want to see the baby as the killer again, it’s too obvious and now that we know that it’s Cassidy it probably means it’s not him. Did anyone actually buy into his ”I’m a ghost” story? Chanel #3 did so that’s a conversation I want to see happen in the near future.

I am a bit upset at myself for not thinking of Cassidy as a potential suspect, he was right there which is probably why he didn’t even make it to my list. At this point I think he either is doing something shady at the hospital, not pertaining to the Green Meanie murders or he didn’t mention his father because he saw that everyone was pointing fingers. The first choice is probably the more realistic, unless there’s really a chance that he’s the killer and we learned it that much in advance.


Comparing it to the last season where we only found out the identity of the serial killer, maybe having more of an idea who the killer is this time around might help? The audience would be in on it and it would be a different approach, watching everyone try to figure out the identity of the baby while he’s among them.

There needs to be a shake up if there’s even a possibility at a third season, meaning the show can’t follow the same format time and time again. Cassidy grew into a bit more of a mysterious character since that singular scene, the show should invest in that and sell it. Maybe have a scene between Hester and Cassidy? Or at least more sneak peeks at the Green Meanie because we barely see this villain anymore, he didn’t even kill Tristan in front of us this time. He quickly killed one of the other temporary Chanels and ran off, not as exciting as expected.

Scream Queens needs to work off the momentum it got from the Cassidy reveal before it’s too late for this season.

Rating: 7/10



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