Movie Review: Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

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  • bf110c4

    Nicely written review. The book was much more of a satire, contrasting our vounteer army doing the bidding of the establishment while the public is fed its daily dose of spectacle. If Lee had gone it that direction with the movie, he might have made something special.

  • Js

    * Without knowing who is ultimately responsible, as often the studio
    executives are for forcing decisions to maximize profit to the widest
    audience, the film cowardly dabbles with a social critique of the
    hypocrisy of the U.S. military industry. It shows the stark
    contradiction between the rich who send poor kids to fight and die for
    them, and the contrast between the reality of being a soldier and the
    country they are supposed to be fighting for, and that there is almost
    no benefit for themselves, which means the rich rely on the ignorance of
    poor people and bait-and-switch nationalism. This is a important
    message that the film fails to embrace, which could have been a great
    film at this post-Trump victory as the U.S. and the world moves toward
    WW3. Lee is a failure of a film maker, and a failure as a human being.
    He sold out long ago and joined the rich. blah blah