TV Review: Shooter 1×04 “Overwatch”

Episode four gets started in the past. Swagger and the boys are in the Middle East on a mission. Swagger disregards Johnson’s orders, and they are ambushed because of it. There is some hardcore shooting action. Lots of heads popped. Swagger has a chat with Johnson about being more careful about being in combat. Let the man be a rebel. Swagger’s bounty is apparently over half a million dollars now. Not bad.

A funeral for for Swagger is light on attendees. News is that he’s dead, but Johnson isn’t convinced since the body wasn’t found. Back to the war—orders are being given to take out “Mullah Abdul,” a major threat and target for the the troops. Tom Sizemore is Hugh Meachum, the CIA guy directing the mission. He wants Johnson to do some shady stuff and take Abdul outright. Swagger and Fenn are assigned on the sniper watch. Swagger doesn’t agree with the changes to the mission, as it jeopardizes the lives of fellow marines. Bob knows best.

Johnson stops by Donnie’s mom’s house. Memphis is onto some of the Swagger documents and gets the idea that the Russians are scheming something big. Meanwhile, Swaggers wife tells her sister that Bob Lee is alive. Jumping back to the past. Swagger and Fenn are hiding on a top of a cliff. Jumping back to Johnson who chokes out and kills Donnie’s mom. So now he’s a cold blooded killer. He’s digging a ditch when he gets a call to confirm that he did the job. Isaac “the undertaker” Johnson. He’s a master of many skills.

Back on the battlefield, Johnson gets ambushed. In an attempt to save the day, Swagger unleashes a deadshot bullseye just as Johnson is about to be beheaded by the enemy. Not only does he save him from a beheading, he nails the next guy that was about to get Johnson. This Swagger guy makes these kills as easy as playing Duck Hunt on Nintendo. Johnson comes home exhausted (digging a burial spot all night). His wife asks him about a neck bruise (oops).

Memphis is on a coffee meeting with an Agent Simms. She gets info on some Ukrainian mine and village being wiped out, but Memphis catches on that she’s being thrown off track. She doesn’t even make it to her car as she gets drugged. Soon after she’s at Simms’ mercy, tied up and about to be taken out for good. Wouldn’t you know good ol’ Bob shows up to save the day. How is this guy always lurking inside someone’s house just at the right time? He’s like Batman or something! A badass vicious fight takes place, and Swagger gets the worst of it by getting stabbed in the process. So now we know Simms wasn’t CIA, he’s Jack Payne actually. Swagger and Memphis have a chat, he tells her that he needs her as an “asset” in the government. He asks for her a partnership with her.

I wasn’t a fan of this episode. Too much chatter about obscure and confusing things. The show is getting too complicated and therefore less interesting. There are so many things going on and behind-the-scenes discoveries. It is difficult to follow the plot when the characters don’t take the time to explain what any of it means. There is nothing appealing about a show that’s trying to be smarter than it should be. Just stick to the action. Focus on Swagger’s journey. Don’t involve so many outside characters. Keep it simple and to the point. Enough flashbacks. Basically, majority of this episode was one long flashback to the past. If you want to do that, don’t bounce back and forth between present and past. It came off as disjointed. Just as the show was starting to pick up, it found a way to turn me off.

RATING: 4/10



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