TV Review: Shooter 1×06 “Killing Zone”

The opening scene cuts to the chase — literally, with Swagger cutting some dude’s throat and smashing his skull with a rock. Well, no need to even get the popcorn. It’s another flashback to Swagger at war. Back to reality. Swagger is visiting with his wife and daughter at some remote location. Before they leave, Swagger informs his wife that there will be no more secret meetings. It might be a while until they see each other. Memphis is having a private interrogation with Payne and she promises that she’s getting “closer.” Her seduction methods aren’t working, he’s not biting, so she chokes him instead. Those two have a weird one-sided, passive-aggressive fling.

Swagger is on the lookout for another ally. He’s grinding through obstacles to find the man whose bullets killed the Ukrainian president. He doesn’t have to look far as a rifle is pointed at Swagger’s head. Time to make acquaintances with his former instructor O’Brien (William Fitchner). Swagger manages to talk his way out of getting shot. Progress. Johnson is out looking for favors, so he seeks one from an old army buddy. Johnson gets access to a secret information facility. Friendly help pays off.

“I have a five inch dick, you don’t hear me bragging about it” is officially the best quote of the season, and it comes from the bullet man. This dude is plenty crazy, but he sure is funny when he’s schooling Swagger on shooting. Memphis is back in the interrogation room with Payne. Memphis has come to a conclusion that Payne is obsessed with her. Meanwhile, Johnson discovers some vital info. Hard to understand all the gibberish. No idea what he discovered. Swagger gets a man-to-man chat with bullet man. Finally some more information is revealed about bullet man’s past.

Memphis is aggressively calling out Meachum. She accuses him of wrongdoings right to his face. The heart-to-heart apparently doesn’t last long, as Swagger and bullet man are on the run shooting up enemy guys. Bullet man gets shot in the leg. No worries, sniper extraordinaire Swagger mows down the baddies. Back in the clear. Dead bodies are laid out in the field, so it’s only natural for Swagger to pack up and keep on moving. Memphis gets some reinforcements when her boss tells her he believes her. Johnson and Meachum have a chat at baseball practice. Problems in paradise, their tracks are starting to get muddled.

I’m bored of the Memphis act. She doesn’t do much to further the story and she’s a boring character. Swagger keeps bouncing around from one place to another, still not getting any closer to clearing his name. This episode really got off to an emphatic start with the violent fight. Best quote of the season as I mentioned earlier. A little improvement from the previous episodes, but still the show is lacking. I’m barely keeping afloat watching this.

Rating: 6/10



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