TV Review: The Fosters (4×14) “Doors and Windows”

Callie’s case, Jesus’ recovery, and Mariana’s therapy all get addressed in this episode of The Fosters. Callie’s case seems to be moving along as she and her parents meet with her lawyers, who all agree that settling out of court is the best solution to the problem. As the show has explored in the past, the justice system has never done a great job at treating people as more than the records they come with. Although Callie seems to disagree with her birth father paying for something that was no fault of hers, her feelings seem to go much deeper than that. Callie’s involvement in helping Kyle seemed to have come to an end in this episode, as no concrete evidence has come to light about Troy Johnson’s involvement in the murder. As Callie knows too well, some kids get lost in a system and there is nothing that can be done to save them. Not being able to save Kyle makes Callie feel guilty about the privileges she has now come into.

I’m glad to see Mariana actually going through her process in therapy this episode. The fact that her PTSD is discussed and how it has followed her from childhood is great for the show to speak about. Seeing the moms realize that their kids haven’t felt heard, haven’t felt like they could share what they are feeling because it won’t be taken seriously was a moment that so many young people can relate to.

Jesus continues through the difficulty of therapy and his outbursts become more frequent. It is apparent that Lena has begun to internalize all that she has taken on with caring for Jesus and I hope to see progress soon. In the middle of all of this, we find out that Emma is pregnant and does not want to tell Jesus. He wouldn’t be able to handle the news with everything he is going through. Not being able to share the news with Jesus, Emma confides in Brandon. Seeing them together puts the wrong idea in Jesus’ mind and his reaction next week will be something to look forward to. Will Emma have to tell Jesus the truth? Tune in next week!

Rating: 8/10


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