Book review: ‘City of Fallen Angels’ by Cassandra Clare

Book #4 of The Mortal Instruments series has been finally released! City of Fallen Angels was released this past Tuesday, April 5th, and it was definitely worth the wait!

In case you don’t know, The Mortal Instruments is a young adult book series that has everything any typical YA novel nowadays have, but hold on, its everything in the same place. You have vampires, werewolves, Shadowhunters (aka demon hunters), and much more creatures from world that begins in New York City, all very well descripted by Cassandra Clare. If you’re looking for a new series to obsess over, THIS IS THE PLACE TO START! I love it,  its funny, different and a refreshing book series that has all the fantasy you need. In a way is an unique mythology in comparison to other YA books I’ve read. And you might consider reading it also because there’s a movie coming out soon starring Lily Collins! Here at we’re very excited about it!

Alright, so I decided to do 2 reviews, one spoiler-free and the other one contains spoilers.


If you haven’t already liked or loved Simon before, you will in City of Fallen Angels. In CoFA, we dwell more into Simon’s new “life” as a vampire and the decisions he has to make since he’s not a regular vampire, he’s a Daylighter. By finishing City of Glass, as well as reading the few pages released before CoFA was released, we all know that Jace and Clary’s relationship isn’t in such a strong ground per se, CoFA is a total rollercoaster, that’s all I have to say. More characters are introduced, and some come back. The summary is that someone is in New York City killing previous members of Valentine’s Circle and leaving their bodies in different boroughs of NYC, this way trying to create a rivalry between Shadowhunters and Downworlders, and somehow Simon is in the middle of everything.

Well, that’s all I have to say without spoilers even though just by typing some tiny details I know I’m giving away too much, but yes, if you liked the previous 3 books, you’re more than likely to enjoy CoFA. I think that in some parts of the story the outcome was obvious, but in others it made me go “WTH IS GOING ON!?“, so yeah, you’re up for a book full of surprises that will leave you on the edge the moment you finish it! Cassandra I NEED BOOK #5 NOW!!

Recommendation: HELL YEAH!

















SWEET LITTLE BABY JESUS I NEED SOMEONE TO CALM ME DOWN. Jace…. my God… I can’t even. I need to know what happens between him and Sebastian. In CoFa I do miss the snarky Jace from before, in this 4th installment he is too self-depreciating and it frustrates me because now that he finally has the chance to be with Clary, knowing she’s not his sister, of course there’s a demon popping out of nowhere controlling his mind -_- Its already too much his relationship with her and now this? LAWD HAVE MERCY! Cassandra, wherever you are, I just want to know that they will be together! That’s all I want! *cries*

Now that we’re on the Jace/Clary topic OH HAAAAIII that scene (you know which one I’m talking about) was good! THANK YOU FOR NOT ‘FADING TO BLACK‘ CASSIE! *claps* I hope we get more of that in the next books! I was happy to see them moving on (in a way) with their relationship, but of course… they could never be happy for too long. I feel like CoFA was more of a transition book than anything, yet very enjoyable. A lot of cliffhangers that will not let anyone put the book down.

SIMON, baby, I love you. I do. And you with Izzy, that’s just magical. It was hilarious though the way you dealt with your relationships with both Isabelle and Maia, and how you always have the funniest lines, like that one about Kyle working on the “one name thing like Rihanna” had me laughing my butt off.  Isabelle is just fierce and I love her for that and I’m positive you two will be together eventually.

KYLE, JORDAN, whoever you are, I like you. And you and Maia are just cuuute. I hope you guys can work on your relationship in the next books.

Alec and Magnus, what can I say, the little bit  you were in the book you were fabulous! I hope that you guys can have eternity together.

Now…. CAMILLE IS OUT THERE. I’m aware. And very scared. I know she will strike back eventually, like everybody does in The Mortal Instruments books, they just pop out of nowhere, with a different name or who knows what, but she will be back.

Simon’s “girlfriend” Maureen, I have the slight feeling she might or might not be back, but if she does I think she will try to attack Simon or something.

In my opinion, I liked City of Glass better than City of Fallen Angels, I think that in CoFA there should have been more character development BUT this one is a good follow up to the series and yes you must read it because you have absolutely NO IDEA what’s coming for our beloved characters.

City of Fallen Angels is available at our TYF Store!


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