Film Review: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Test Screening

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  • Jason G

    sounds fantastic!! but i would be concerned about the film being tooshort. If it's only too hours, i would be concerned about too much important things being omitted from the film. I was thinking it would be more like 2 and a hlf hours at leat.

  • The dead of Voldemort is good ?

  • anonymous

    why are people so obsessed with this series?

    seriously, its just a movie and who cares?

  • Amandine

    How is the kiss of Ron and Hermione? The scene was respected?

    How many kisses there?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      There was only one kiss. It was a good one. Not like the book, but I liked it.

  • Amandine

    Thank you for answered: D

    Just two last questions … Do you see the part or Ron and Hermione enter in the Chamber of Secrets?

    The death of Severus Snape is respected ?

    Sorry if I write not very well, I'm French ^^

    • GabrielleAdelle

      Yes, you see them in the Chamber of Secrets. That's where they kiss. Snape's death is probably to most graphic death of the movie. It's not too violent though.

  • Kate

    Hello, how are you ?

    I just want to ask a question. Are you cried for a moment in the movie?

    I'm sentimental ^ ^

    • GabrielleAdelle

      I cried a lot. There's a lot of sad and emotional scenes.

  • Kate

    So I think I'll cry too much ^^

    There is the scene between Dumbledore and Harry at the train station at King's Cross? If yes, the dialogue is long, as in the book?

    The prologue is it good, about the old characters?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      The dialogue at King's Cross is a lot like the book. The epilogue is good. It's short and the actors didn't really look much older.

  • Patrick Salamon

    hello :)

    theres been something desperately on my mind. Do we see Voldemort actually fighting other people in the battle of Hogwarts? or do anything intense other than him and Harry? Thank You!

    • GabrielleAdelle

      From what I remember, Voldemort really only fights with Harry. I think he kills a random death eater when he finds out that another horcrux has been destroyed. And of course, there's the scene when he has Nagini attack Snape in the boathouse. But I can't remember if he did anything other than fight with Harry during the battle.

  • nicholas manning

    i have a questuion about deathly hallows part 2 when bellatrix and molly are fighting does the movie switch between them and ron and hermoine fighting the snake and harry and voldermort or does it just focous on them.

    • GabrielleAdelle

      I don't think it switches. I remember it being a really short duel. Molly steps in, says the famous line, they shoot a couple spells at each other, and then Bellatrix is killed. I could be wrong though. So much is happening in the last half of the movie, and I saw it over a month ago. So yeah, my memory is fading.

  • Lauraa

    Hello :D

    Is Fred's death is sad? Who sees it die?

    The story of Severus Snape after his death is it good?

    Bye, et thank you !

    • GabrielleAdelle

      Fred's death is sad. We don't see him get killed. Snape's story is the best part of the movie.

  • Jake

    Hello. Thanks for replying to these. My question has to do with voldemort. I desperately wanted to knw a few things. Could you summarize him in the movie? Like how much we see him? And when he finds out about the horcruxes, where does he kill everybody? Thank you very much! Please answer me!

    • GabrielleAdelle

      This is the most we have seen Voldemort in any of the HP movies. I can't remember everything. The beginning starts with the last scene of DH1 in which you see him. For the most part, he's a lot more in the second half of the film. We see how he reacts when the horcruxes get destroyed, specifically the diadem. For most of the battle, he waits in the forest outside Hogwarts. He does go to the boathouse to have Nagini kill Snape. When Harry is "dead" he approaches the castle to tell everyone that Harry died. Harry and Voldemort fly and duel all around the castle grounds.

  • Charlie

    Hey can you please tell me if these rumors are true. Some are saying that snape and bellatrix make a huge dark mark above hog warts. And some are saying that when voldemort decides to destroy the shield, the elder wand cracks a little. And that voldemort grabs Harry when he reveals himself and asks how he can be alive and then they start the dueling. Please, is any of these rumors true? Thanks

    • GabrielleAdelle

      It's been awhile so I don't remember everything. I don't remember Snape or Bella making a dark mark above Hogwarts. It could be there. Not 100% sure since the effects weren't finished and maybe it wasn't added to the film yet. Voldemort's wand does start to crack when he's destroying the shield. That's how he realizes that he isn't the real master of the Elder Wand. Voldemort and Harry do say something to each other before they duel. I don't exactly remember the lines but I want to say he says something like "how can he be alive." Don't hold me to it though.

  • Adriel19

    Out of curiosity, may I ask why so many people (including you) think that "The Prince's Tale" is very emotional or the best part of the movie? Thanks :) I'm just really curious.. :)

    • GabrielleAdelle

      I guess because it's at that moment when we finally understand Snape, and from the flashbacks, you see how much he loved Lily. He's holding Lily dead and crying out. You see his anguish. Also, it's at that point where Harry realizes that he must sacrifice himself; that's heavy and just adds to emotion.
      It was my favorite scene in the book, and the movie captures it beautifully. Plus, this is when Alan Rickman finally gets to show some more range in terms of acting. Basically if you loved the Prince's Tale in the book, you'll love this scene. I talked to people who saw it and never read the books, and they say that the Prince's Tale is one of their favorites as well.

  • Cheezy

    Basically, did you think the movie was at any point boring or sloppy? And is the movie worth describing as "EPIC"? Thanks :)

    • GabrielleAdelle

      It's easy to say it was sloppy because of the unfinished effects. But I think the final finished version will be much better. It doesn't get boring because it's pretty fast paced, unlike Part 1. I would describe the entire second half of the movie as EPIC.

  • Lauraa

    I saw a little video of the kiss on Ron and Hermione
    It’s the same as in the movie?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      Yes, that's how they looked.

  • Anonymous

    I care

  • Katie BloW

    So it's not like the book? In the book, Hermione falls on Ron and kisses him. And in the film, how it happens?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      After they destroy the horcrux in the chamber and the tsunami washes over them, they just simultaneously grab each other and start kissing.

  • james debow

    hey. in the trailer for part 2, when voldemort is walking in the malfoy manor with dead guys everywhere. what exactly is that scene and why is his foot soooo jacked up? THANK YOU!

    • GabrielleAdelle

      I have no idea why his foot is jacked up. lol He was pissed that the death eaters lost Harry and everybody.

  • Hi i i i Gaby,

    u are soo verrry lucky to be living in chicago.. i live in India but i do follow ur site as well as your podcasts a lot..

    believe me , i am amazed by the paatience and care with which you have answered all fan questions.. got a couple of hp and hunger games questions to ask you.. I couldnt find a mail id so posting here..

    Plz do take some time to answer them..

    1) during the voldemort , hp duel does harry offer voldy a chance at redemption? also does tell him abt snape, draco and wand connection.

    2) If Harry and Ron carry Draco and blaise on the brooms, how does hermione escape the fiendfyre ? Also is percy in the battle coz i dint see him in the trailers anywhere.?

    3) The diadem destruction in the Room of Requirement is by Fiendfyre or has that been changed ? You said voldemort was angry , how did he learn abt the diadem destruction?

    4) My kid sister's fav question (and seems quite popular here too)- Is the Ron Hermione kiss duration short or does it last some extra seconds? you did say, it was unlike the book in terms of the context but is it passionate and sizzling enough to do justice to the Ron Hermione's love build up? and if Harry isn't there, how he will find out about them?

    ok.. hunger games:

    1) Jennifer Lawrence as katniss is difficult but that pic does pull it off.. but if the movie clicks and is made a trilogy, will she fit the bill ?

    2) do you think the tributes dying would be mellowed down for the younger generation or would they want to make it epic?

    Thanks .. hoping to read your hangover and Xmen review soon

    • GabrielleAdelle

      I got your email! I'll respond in a bit.

  • Cameng

    Can you please rate the movie's action and drama? Thanks. ;)

    • GabrielleAdelle

      I would give the action a 10. There's lots of it, and from the test screening it looks like it will be good. The drama… overall between 8 and 9. There were points that I would rate the drama 10 and others (like the action scenes) a little less.

  • Cen

    I hope it will be okay if i ask a few questions, though, some were answered above, I have things in mind if it's ok ;)

    1) Is the movie "Academy Award" worthy?

    2) If you described the second half "EPIC", what about the first half? (Is there action in the first half at all?)

    3) Which scene did you like the most in the movie?

    4) I've heard that the Prince's Tale (above) and the Resurrection Stone part was brought upon nicely. What other scenes might sting my eyes and make me feel overwhelmed?

    5) I've heard there are funny scenes, that they've added? Is this true? And if it is, do you remember some?

    And lastly…

    6) Did the action scenes feel like they were there for the sake of it being there, or did it feel like the action scenes seemed to be well thought of and properly executed?

    I hope it's ok if I ask these questions.. Thank you! :)

    • GabrielleAdelle

      1) I would say that it will be Academy Award worthy in the tech categories. I think it can secure a nomination for Best Picture, depends on what other movies come out later this year.
      2) The first half has the Gringotts scene, which has a lot of action. But the first half seems too fast paced; once they meet up with Neville, the pacing is better.
      3) The Prince's Tale
      4) When you see Fred dead, or Lupin and Tonks dead. The epilogue will tear you up too.
      5) Neville vs. Scabior and the others on one of the bridges is a bit comedic. Also, McGonagall delivers a funny line after she orders the stone soldiers to protect the castle.
      6) They seem well-thought out. Honestly, without all the visual effects it was hard to tell what exactly was going on. But from the Gringotts scene and some of the clearer battle scenes, it looked well executed.

  • Katie BloW

    I think all questions have been asked ^ ^

    What is the moment that you hate the movie?

    And Anuja ask one question, but thou hast answered by email

    So I based it if you willing to answer me here please do

    4) My kid sister’s fav question (and seems quite popular here too)- Is the Ron Hermione kiss duration short or does it last some extra seconds? you did say, it was unlike the book in terms of the context but is it passionate and sizzling enough to do justice to the Ron Hermione’s love build up? and if Harry isn’t there, how he will find out about them?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      I didn't hate anything in the movie. I was a little disappointed that we didn't get any flashbacks showing Dumbledore's backstory. As for the kiss, it's short, but passionate and intense. I like the full body camera
      angle of it, makes it seem more epic and fitting because of all the buildup. Harry sees Ron and Hermione holding hands later, so that's how he finds out.

  • Katie BloW

    Really? Harry sees Ron and Hermione holding hands?

    Oh I find it too cute !!

  • Andy Dufresne

    Stop!, you're getting me too excited. I'm so glad The Prince's Tale completely satisfied you. It was my favorite scene in the book right behind Harry's finding of the resurrection stone (I open at the close). Can you write more about Dumbledore's story in the movie? No flashbacks? (I just had a LOST flashback). What up with that?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      No flashbacks of Dumbledore's backstory. Basically, it was just Aberforth telling a rundown version of it to the trio, pointing to a picture of Ariana Dumbledore. That's why I felt that the first half of the movie was rushing the trio to get into Hogwarts.

  • Jeff

    Hey. Thank you for replying to these questions. You rock! Mine is about the battles beginning. Do we see voldemort like coming to hogwarts or he's just there? And can you lay out how it starts. Like when voldemort gets there.. What happens? And the "shield" scene? Thank you. And please answer me.


    • GabrielleAdelle

      I don't remember seeing Voldemort arrive, I remember seeing him at the edge of the forest looking over Hogwarts with all his death eaters behind him. The battle starts when the Order and everyone else is preparing to fight, they start raising their wands in the air to build the shield. After Voldemort realizes another one of his horcruxes has been destroyed, he gets angry and tries to destroy the shield with the help of his death eaters from the same spot in the forest. Once it's broken, everyone but Voldemort charges in and the fighting begins. Hope this helps! My memory is fading.

  • Soso


    I have a questions about the trailer : http://www.youtube.com/user/WarnerBrosFrance?v=ae

    In the trailer, at 0:22, we see water, and I do not remember seeing in the book. What's this?

    At 0:55, we saw Hermione hug Harry, with Ron in the background

    It was after the battle, or during ? And why ?

    At 1:27, it's when Harry dies and Voldemort shows his body?

    Thanks, Kiss

    • GabrielleAdelle

      0:22 – It can either be the tsunami that happens when Ron and Hermione are in the Chamber of Secrets or when the trio jump from the dragon into the water after the Gringotts scene.
      0:55 – After a part of the battle, that's when Harry lets Ron and Hermione know that he's going to sacrifice himself to Voldemort. So Hermione hugs him.
      1:27 – When Ginny is running forward? Yeah, that's when he shows that Harry is "dead."

  • adriel19

    I know I've asked once already, but I hope all of my thoughts will be over after this.. Uuuumm.. I'm just worried with one thing, the "Harry vs. Voldemort" part that they've added in the movie, which wasn't really in the book. About how many minutes does it last? Does it feel rushed? Is it as nice as the "Voldemort vs. Dumboldore" in OOTP? Thanks! ;)

    • GabrielleAdelle

      It's more intense than the "Voldemort vs Dumbledore" duel in OOTP. I don't remember it being a long scene, however it isn't rushed. I can't give you a time length because I honestly don't remember and don't want to mislead anyone with a wrong time.

  • Jenny

    Hello, hello!

    So there's a list of spoilers going around the internet. I just saw a youtube video of differences (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paVRRPd5_6E&feature=channel_video_title) and i've done a bunch of googling to see if they're true. From all the other posts, it seems like they are. Can you confirm this? I'm especially curious about the 13th one that said that Snape and Lily are not actually close friends, but that Snape just fancies her from afar?! I mean, personally I think that makes him sound like a major creep…. ):

    • GabrielleAdelle

      1. Not true. They make a deal with Griphook to give him the sword but he leaves them defenseless when they need to escape Gringotts. 2. I think that's true. Don't remember. 3. Aberforth explains the backstory, but not as thoroughly as in the book. There's no flashback scenes or anything like that. 4. You don't see the actual "lives flashing before their eyes" thing, but yeah, true. 5. true 6. true 7. Definitely gets attacked & she looked dead to me. 8. Can't really say only because the effects weren't finished. So maybe they were there and couldn't be seen. 9. He dies in the boathouse. The windows of the boathouse were green-screened so I don't know if Hogwarts was burning or not. 10. True, but not sure if he uses Sectumsempra. 11. true 12. true 13. not really. They're shown as friends. The flashbacks don't make him seem creepy. 14. Don't think so.. they show the picture that Harry has them holding each other. 15. I don't know. 16. true 17. true 18. true 19. I think so… Molly definitely does kill Bellatrix, so I'm assuming she used that curse. 20. He disintegrates. I don't think it will be like Quirrell. I didn't get to see how he disintegrates, the captions just said that he does. 21. true 22. I can't remember if he does or doesn't.

  • In the Trailer for DH2 it shows Harry and Voldemort jumping off a bridge or something what is up with that??? it isn't in the book from what i remember so i was just wondering what is up???

    • GabrielleAdelle

      They jump off one of the towers. They're dueling and Harry grabs Voldemort and throws them off the tower. You see them struggling and flying around the grounds together, until they land for the final fight.

  • Joshua

    Towards the end of the trailer for DH2 it shows a lot of people shooting lights into the air. Is this what they do after Voldemort is killed?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      No. This is what they do when Voldemort orders everyone to break the shield.

  • Jessica

    around how long will the total film be when all the parts are put together and finished???

    • GabrielleAdelle

      Part 2 is a little over 2 hours.

  • Soso


    I would like to know where and when this photo was taken : http://www.snitchseeker.com/gallery/albums/Deathl

    • GabrielleAdelle

      The link isn't working for me.

  • Holly

    Hello. I was really wondering a few things about voldemort and Harrys final battle. I can't link the video, but I hope you can or have watched it. It is a video that was on the Ellen show. On YouTube I think. It shows voldemort walking across the bridge and he appears to be alone . 1) So really I just wanted to know if harry ad voldemort lands hard In the courtyard and crawl to their wands then the fight? Or what exactly happens? And in the theatrical trailer at the very end of it we see Harry looking back at something. 2) what is he looking back at?? And then in the teaser trailer that's I think 2:30 long that shows both movies, Harry Looks around the courtyard kinda slowly.. 3) do you know what that is of? Thanks loads!!

    • GabrielleAdelle

      1) I honestly don't remember if they fall hard or have to crawl to their arms. So I really can't say. 2&3) I'm not sure about these ones either. I'm sorry.

  • John

    how long will the kings cross scene be with harry and dumbledore?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      I think it was like 7ish mins. Not absolutely sure. But it was the perfect length for it.

  • Erik

    One question I haven't seen anybody ask yet.

    Does Harry give a speech to Voldemort like he does in the book, explaining who is the master of the elder wand, how snape was really loyal to Dumbledore and in love with lily, and tell Voldemort how he should try for remorse?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      I'm so sorry but I really can't remember. I know he explains it to Ron and Hermione, but I can't say if he also told Voldemort.

  • Cora

    I know that Snape is such an important character, and Prince's tale made me cry in the book. Does Snape cry in this movie at all like in the book? and did Alan do as awesome of a job as everyone is saying? Thanks for your time (:

    • GabrielleAdelle

      Yes, you see Snape cry when Lily dies. And Alan is phenomenal in this movie; he lives up to the hype.

  • Holly

    Thank you for answering us. Do you know a place where they have a good amount of spoilers especially about the finale fight?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      Unfortunately, I do not. Try some Harry Potter forums? I'm sure they're filled with spoilers.

  • Zack

    On a website, I read that after Harry "dies", Hagrid picks him up right away and then Narcissa checks to see if he is alive, and the he jumps up and starts fighting them right then and there. Is any of that true, because I'm starting to get a bit worried now!


  • Zack

    ^^^^^Okay, I found the quote where it says this:

    ■Hagrid does not place Harry's dead "corpse" on the ground; he is in Hagrid's arms, while Narcissa Malfoy looks for signs of life, but finds none until Harry leaps out of Hagrid's arms, ready to fight.

    Is this true???

    • GabrielleAdelle

      not exactly. Narcissa first checks Harry and says he's dead. Then Hagrid picks him up and walks him to the castle. After Neville's speech and all that, Harry jumps out of Hagrid's arms, read to fight.

  • Julian


    thank you for answering our questions! Can you talk a little bit more about McGonagall?

    Do you see any reaction to Harry's death, when they see his "dead" body? Does she has more lines than in the previous films? Do you see Mcgonagall again after voldemort's death? Does she have some battle sequences except from dueling with Snape? Is she in the Sorting scene (princes tale)?

    Thank you very much :)

    • GabrielleAdelle

      She looks in shock when she sees Harry "dead." She does have quite a few lines, I would say a little more than in the previous ones. I don't remember if we see McGonagall after Voldemort's death. She's part of the battle, but I don't remember seeing her fighting; a lot was going on. I think she was in the Sorting Scene. It was a clip from the first movie.

  • Bobby

    you said that you felt like the first half of the movie was rushed…did you feel like they rushed the gringotts scene also???

    • GabrielleAdelle

      I thought the Gringotts scene was a proper length. That scene wasn't rushed.

  • Julian

    thank you very much…so more mcgonagall than in harry potter 5 and 6…

    I thought she would be in the sorting scene, where snape and lily are sorted into their houses…I think the young actor of snape mentioned filming a scene with maggie smith…

    do you remember a scene, where mcgonagall gives seamus and neville an order?

    what about this picture? http://www.snitchseeker.com/harry-potter-news/new… do you remember?

    one last question…is she preparing the battle? does she talk with harry about his mission or sth. else before the battle starts?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      McGonagall does take charge. I'm not sure if she gives Seamus and Neville any orders. That still is in the movie. I forgot about its placement within the storyline though. She does get the castle ready to protect itself. She's the one who calls the stone guards from the castle down, that was a cool scene. I think the only thing she says to Harry is to do whatever he needs to do.

  • Zack

    I heard that there were some brief 'comedic' things in the film–did they fit, or did they completely ruin the moment?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      All the comedic scenes were appropriate. Overall, it's more dramatic than comedic. Any funny lines or scenes were timed well. Nothing to worry about.

  • Dobby


    I asked myself a question: how the movie starts?

    What is the first scene? One sees directly to the cottage or … ?


    • GabrielleAdelle

      The first scene is of Snape looking down from one of the Hogwarts towers. Then it switches to Harry kneeling in front of Dobby's grave.

  • amanda leah


    heyyy..it is awesome that you got to see the last installment of harry potter.. i still cannot believe it is ending..ill probably cry..but i am really worried about remus lupin dying? i hated how it ended in the book, no special duel death scene or anything..so i am wondering how they have him die in the movie? i really would like to know i dont want to be surprised i wanna have a heads up lol so if you could let me know i would really appreciate it!

    • GabrielleAdelle

      You don't see how Lupin or Tonks die in the movie. We just see their bodies after the first part of the battle.

  • amanda leah

    thats ridiculous..i think atleast lupin deserved a proper death scene everyone else pretty much got one.. does he come back for the resurrection stone?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      Yeah, we see him come back for the resurrection stone.

  • Jenny

    OMG Gaby!! you said the kiss is short.. :( :(

    How short (seconds) ?? Shorter than normal movie kisses or "short" considering it to be a long awaited kiss??

    was it at least this long?

    sorry for sounding to anxious but i waited 10 yrs for this, hoping to cheer in the audience!!

    Also i was disappointed with Pirates-4 3D [hadnt checked ur review :( ] , should i catch this in 3D or 2D? Loved the 2D Xmen.. glad they dint go 3D ..

    Your site's mobile option is real handy btw..

    Thanks for taking the time out..

    • GabrielleAdelle

      It seemed shorter than video. I can't really say for sure though. I guess because it's such a long awaited kiss that it seems shorter than it really is. Also, seeing as how they didn't film in 3D, I would say 2D is better. The only scenes that I think would be cool in 3D are Gringotts and when Harry and Voldemort are flying/dueling. I personally prefer 2D over 3D, so I'll probably see it in 2D.

  • Courtney

    Hi there! Is there scenes with Bill and Fluer? If so what are they, because I keep seeing pictures of them that are supposedly from DH part2. Also do they mention Hermione getting tortured at all?? Thank You for answering all these questions!!!

    • GabrielleAdelle

      We see them in the beginning at the cottage and a little later at the battle. They get less screen time during the battle though. & I don't remember if they mention Hermione's torture.

  • Melissa

    I see that you say Part 2 is pretty faithful to the book. Now in my opinion, Part 1 had some really great parts where they captured what happened in the book perfectly and some parts where it seemed the filmmakers kind dropped the ball ( i.e. Malfoy Manor and Harry comforting Ron after the locket horcrux is destroyed), are there similar moments in Part 2 where you found they kinda dropped the ball?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      I felt like some flashbacks of Dumbledore's backstory would be nice. Also, the Ron/Hermione kiss disappointed me at first because I loved how it was in the book, but after thinking about it, I like it now. I can't really remember any other scenes that I felt they kinda dropped the ball with.

  • Melissa

    Oh and I forgot a couple of questions:

    1.) I really doubt this scene would be included but for giggles… Does Ron get a chance to punch Malfoy like he does in the book?

    2.) I'm personally really irritated Hermione osn't on the broom wit Ron in the RoR scene, how does that scene play out? Does Hermione go all "girl power" and just grab a broom like she's been riding forever?

    Thanks for answering all these questions!

    • GabrielleAdelle

      1) I don't think so. 2) Honestly, I don't remember how Hermione got out of the RoR. I just remember Ron and Harry there fighting with the Slytherin guys.

  • Mantikora

    Was there Harry and Ginny kiss? What was it like?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      Yes. It's the one shown in the trailer. It's a small kiss.

  • Mohinder

    Hi Gaby and all u wonderful tyf guys.. i have heard the Epilogue is really emotional and stuff..but all info abt is still hazy.. i ll be obliged if u answer a few questions regarding that..

    1)Draco has been cut from the epilogue i believe.. his last scene is just running away with his family after the war right?

    2) Is Ginny there in the epilogue.. ?? Does she have any lines.. ?? Seeing that she isn't given much screen time, is she actually shown as Harry's wife or just a random character.. and i hope they aren't misleading by showing hermione with harry…

    3) Do Ron and Hermione have any lines? Is it implied they are married? What are they shown doing in the epilogue?

    4) Do the other kids speak or is it just Albus Severus?

    Thank you so much for taking the time..

    • GabrielleAdelle

      1) Yes 2) Ginny is there. I don't think she has any lines. She's shown as Harry's wife. It's not misleading at all. Ginny and Harry arrive together and there they meet with Ron and Hermione. 3) They may have had some small lines. I think I remember Ron saying something. Not sure what though. Yeah, it's implied that they're married. Ron has his arm around Hermione I think, while they stand with Harry and Ginny and watch their kids leave on the Hogwarts Express. 4) I only remember Albus Severus speaking.

  • Julian

    sorry for another question, but I think nobody has described the snape/mcgonagall duel? Do they talk to each other, before they duel, or how does it develop? how long was it, appropriate length? was it epic, intense? do you think it is a great moment for maggie smith? thanks again

    • GabrielleAdelle

      Definitely great moment for Maggie Smith. They yell at each other and I think they do a little dueling and then Snape leaves through one of the windows. I can't give an approx time length.

  • Jo

    Do you remember how the chamber of secrets scene is played out? From how Ron gets the idea to how they get out ? thank you :)

    • GabrielleAdelle

      Can't remember how Ron gets the idea. I think he just says it and him and Hermione go to it.

  • July

    Hello!) First, I would like to say thank you. You answer all our questions very thoroughly and patiently. You are doing a very good thing. I have a few questions too )

    Sorry for so many questions! But I think the answers will satisfy many of those who still wants to ask something. And yet, I'm sorry for my not very good english)) Thank you!

    1. Is there any (other than a kiss), Harry and Ginny moments? Maybe they hug? Or tell sth to each other?

    2. What is this moment in the trailer Ginny shouted "No"? She runs to Harry, or what? Can you describe or … Well, you know))

    3. After the death of Voldemort, Harry is met by the survivors? Is Harry shown as a winner?

    4. Hermione hugs Harry when he says he goes to his death. And Ron? He says something or what?

    5. What is this moment when Ron and Hermione were sitting arm in arm on the stairs of Hogwarts?

    6. I wonder if Harry remembers of someone, when he goes to death? Ron, Hermione, Ginny?

    7. Do all children are clearly visible in the epilogue? Is it clear how many who have children? Ha-ha)) This question sounds ridiculous, I know = D

    8. Harry and Ginny appeared in the epilogue holding hands or hugged? Or are they somehow show their closeness during the Epilogue?

    9. James and Lily are not too old?)

    10. Ron and Hermione kiss was the best of kissing in Harry Potter? May be you can name a cinema kiss like their?

    11. 11. Under what circumstances is the kiss Harry and Ginny? This is their first meeting? They notice each other in front of a kiss or maybe say something to each other? After the kiss they just run away or what?

    12. Is there anything in the movie confessions of love? I mean, any one of the pairs (Ron, Hermione or Harry Ginny), admits they love each other? talking about it?

    13. Is there Scorpius in the epilogue?

    14. Is the reaction of Ron and Hermione to Harry's death shown ?

    15. How are the characters in the epilogue? Much older? Ron is not fat? What's with the hair of Hermione? Which of the children do you like the most?


    • GabrielleAdelle

      1) Not really. They may have hugged. But mostly it was just that one kiss we saw already in the trailer. 2) When Voldemort says Harry is dead. 3) Can't remember what happens after Voldemort dies. 4) Ron doesn't really do anything; he looks sad though. 5) That's when they were waiting for Harry, right before he goes to tell them that he's sacrificing himself to Voldemort. 6) He doesn't mention anyone. 7) I think we see all of them. 8) They're next to each other, saying goodbye to their kids. Not sure if they hugged or kissed. 9) Nope. 10) I wouldn't say the best kiss of cinema. I can't really compare it to another cinematic kiss. 11) I think they're talking and Harry needs to go do something on his own, so they leave with a kiss. Not sure. 12) Not really. Only in the Prince's Tale when Snape's love for Lily is revealed. 13) Nope. 14) Yeah, but it wasn't too focused on. 15) Harry looked the most aged. Ron had a belly. Ginny and Hermione were dressed older but didn't really look that much older. Albus and Hugo were cute.

  • amanda leah

    sweet! i am relieved now lol..they cut lupin scenes out for everything else i was going to be mad if they cut him out of that too .. thankyou!

  • RENY

    hi well i just want to ask something that is killing me.

    The ron and hermione is very short like 5 seconds to be a epic kiss and is going to dissapoint us??? some other people say is passionate . well and where did the hands go hermione arms to rons neck and ron arms around her wais??


    • GabrielleAdelle

      They just wrapped their arms around each other tightly and started kissing. Some people will find it epic, some will be disappointed. I liked it.

  • lamusa

    what happens to Peter Pettigrew? Is he in the movie at all?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      I don't think so.

  • reny

    oh and i forgot to ask you about the epilogue . are ron and hermione holding hands talking or something ?? and is understood that they are married???

    • GabrielleAdelle

      It is understood that they are married. Ron may have his arm around Hermione, not sure though.


    i know this question is probably anoying but do you think the 0.09 kiss of ron and hermione would dissapoint us??? like seriously?

    • GabrielleAdelle

      Some will like it, some will hate it. It's different for each person. My first reaction was disappointment, but after thinking about it, I liked it. I think it's something fans will need to judge for themselves.

  • GabrielleAdelle

    NO MORE QUESTIONS. Sorry guys, I won't be answering any more questions starting now. Hope everyone enjoys the movie next month!

  • Harry

    Thanks for all the information on the movie….Can't wait till July 15!!!! – Hp7 –

  • Julian

    thank you :)…pls comment the new trailer coming up today :)

  • Harry

    Just saw the first promo commercial for Hp7 part 2 and it was pretty epic!!!

  • Martina

    GABRIELLEADELLE, please write me on my mail : Snape007@seznam.cz. I have a few questions about Snape in DH2 for you ;-)

    Please, please … thank you !

    I read your answers, but I have some more…


  • Ashley Freund

    A friend of mine also attended this test-screening. I've learnt every detail from her. You can email me your questions if you want. I'll try to do my best.


  • Em

    I really wanna know every detail about Severus Snape. Especially the duel between Snape and McGonagall.

    Gabrielle please answer. We're dying here.

  • Carly


  • Martina

    To Ashley Freund :


    Thanks you sooo much ! I wrote mail to you…

    Please tell me more, more and more ;-)

    All you know about Severus ;-) For me H.P. books and movies are mostly about his story !

    Like someone said : " Show me a hero and I wrote to you a tragedy ". His Prince's Tale !

    Thank you ! Be detailed , please

  • Dobby

    Oh Stop please !!!

    Stop to ask her question, she said she did not want to!

    Myself, being extremely fan of Harry Potter, I do not ask him!

    You just have to wait one month, it's not so hard, is it?

    Sorry Gaby


  • Joey

    I just watched a tv spot where Harry destroys Ravenclaws diadem with a basilisk fang, but in the book it just get destroyed by Fiendfyre in the Room of Requirement. Does he destroy it with the fang?

  • Joey


  • Ashley Freund

    Yes, he destroys the diadem with a Basilisk fang.

  • nameless wanderer

    Does anyone has any good information on Harry-Voldemort final duel? Can anyone give any specific details? Thank you very much.

  • Harry

    Does anyone know if they will offer Hp7 part 2 in IMAX -2D- or if they will just offer it in IMAX 3D

  • Emma

    i havent heard anyone say what the horocrux said to hermione?

  • Brian

    You can check out the movie for free by getting tickets here http://harrypotter.oskr.org. Its a great deal and hopefully the movie will be well worth the wait.

  • Your faceb

    You are a twilight fan aren’t you well guess what twilight is rubbish just like your face. People love Harry Potter because it is quality and a world that we are all apart of not a mini series created by lady that wishes she were bitten by a shiny creepy old vampire. So take you twiligt lover.

  • In the end this film must be judged with that same heart and not so much with the brain, taking in consideration the series as well as this ending.

    And you know what? My heart can’t stop saying “I just loved the journey, thank you so much for it”.

    I saw this on a preview and was completely taken by it.

    Here's my full review

  • Anonymous

    Ashley Freund, just want to know if the kiss between Ron and Hermione is as in the video game, to 1.30? Please, Just answer the question that has haunted me ong!

    Vidéo :

    Thanks, thanks … !

  • Ron&Hermy

    Ashley Freund, just want to know if the kiss between Ron and Hermione is as in the video game, to 1.30? Please, Just answer the question that has haunted me ong!

    Vidéo :

    Thanks, thanks … !

  • the new and last harry potter movie is going to be awwwwwwwesome 5 out of

    4 stars i love harryi think it will get 5 and a half stars the new and last harry potter will be number 1 in the box offfice with 500,300,78 million dollors i can not wait it's going to be

    awesome im so exited this will be the best harry potter movie ever awesome in real-d 3d imax 3d and ditital 3d this new and last harry potter movie is so exiting you'll have to go

    more than ones you can see it 3 times

  • Linda


    I've seen the movie here in Holland last night. It was great!!! I've just got 1 question..

    Is it me, or didn't they tell anything about Lupin and Tonks getting a son? Lupin and Tonks didn't tell the 'order' in part 1 that Tonks was pregnant, and suddenly, in part 2, Harry tells Lupin (in ghost-form), that he is sorry for his son, that he will never have a dad etc..? Did the directors forgot about the part telling the public about the pregnancy?


    • GabrielleAdelle

      I guess they chose not to tell the audience. I never saw a scene in which Lupin or anyone mentions that Tonks was pregnant. I really wished they did though.

  • MsSardonicus

    I am SO happy with your answer re. point 13, Snape & Lily's friendship – the OP's thoughts were mine exactly – how crap would it be if they just made it look like he had a crush on a stranger his entire life & they were never even friends. That's what I thought, he'd be like a creepy stalker, at best pathetic, not a tragic hero!! :( (well I'm still sad, but thanks for clearing that up! :) ) That was really the only change in plot spoiler I had seen that bothered me.

  • MsSardonicus

    I seem to remember in Part 1, just before everyone changed into the 6/7 Harry's, Tonks said something like "and there's more" and either patted her stomach or said she was expecting (?!) and I thought it was odd no one really reacted in the scene. (I haven't watched it again recently but I am sure there was some mention – blink and you missed it!) They seem to have glossed over it completely, then. Details, details… :-/

  • Linda

    well, they just said they had big news. She wasn't really patting her stomache or something. Ofcourse, I've read the books, so I know what she was going to say, but it can be very weird to people who did not read the books. Suddenly they are "confronted" with the fact that Lupin has a son, and it has'nt really been mentioned before, while 'big news' can mean a lot of things…

  • Sounds awesome! I hope the minor inconvenience isnt that they forgot to tell about Lupins son. Its just that more sad when…..it….happens

  • George

    Must have been better in screening then what I saw on opening night, last night. That was not at all Epic, it left a LOT to be desire. And the deaths … especially Fred's was just horribly done with absolutely no emotional connection. Yates screwed it … AGAIN.

  • Ryan

    I hate how they made Voldemort turn to ashes. Not how it happened in the book. And they left out so much dialogue between Harry and Voldemort at the end. In the book they talk for at least 3 pages, I think, and they had none of it. I was very disappointed at that.

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