Book Review + Giveaway: ‘Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes’ by Rick Riordan

  • Ed

    My favorite Greek Hero is Hercules because he is so brave and strong and cares about others based on the TV show and the Disney movies.

  • Carla

    my favorite greek hero has always been perseus (the original, although percy jackson is just as cool!), because his victory over medusa and his rescue of andromeda from the sea monster were some of the first greek myths i ever learned about. greek gods and heroes are very interesting but most of the time they’re not very good people, so i think perseus stands out as a truly brave, honorable man, and that is why he always caught my eye.

  • jenny

    My favorite greek hero is Perseus because he is the only honorable man of all the greek heroes. Also because i guess i can relate him to percy jackson and i feel both of them are just awesome. I definitely love greek mythology and with percy jackson i have learned a lot.

  • Braden Corpington

    I like all the Greek Heroes! Well, except for Hercules. He’s a jerk.

  • Sydney Anderson

    My favorite Greek hero is Hercules

  • Nobody Ramirez


  • Jim G


  • Jenny

    So excited for percy jackson greek heroes !!! I just enjoy reading the percy Jackson series !!!

  • Austin Baroudi

    I like Perseus.

  • Jason Gomez

    My favorite Greek hero is my namesake Jason of Corinth. Love the story of Jason & the Argonauts and the quest to find the Golden Fleece.

  • Joan Kubes

    My favorite Greek hero is Odysseus.

  • Marissa Lynette


  • Sui Generis

    I really like Poseidon because he is very strong and powerful and I love his powers. I think he would have been a great leader!

  • Alice Lionel

    My favorite Greek hero is Athena

  • jenny

    Besides perseus my favorite greek hero is also odysseus. His story is really interesting !!!

  • Sadie

    I am a fan of Athena, goddess of wisdom.

  • bill norris


  • Jessica Ineedfood Wilkerson

    My fav is zeus …he’s everywhere

  • Daniel M

    probably zeus

  • Book Nerd

    My favorite would be the Greek heroine Atalanta

  • Ashley R.

    My favorite Greek Hero is Athena, she is remarkable and awesome!

  • bn100


  • Kathy Nguyen

    I am not sure if Orpheus counts as a Greek hero, but if he does then he would be my favourite! I love how his story is interesting, sweet, and sad as well.

  • Tabathia

    I like hestia

  • Melissa Lee

    My favorite Greek heroes are Odysseus & Hercules

  • jenny


  • Autumn


  • Ken C

    I Like Hercules

  • Sydney


  • Er… It’s hard to say. They’re all kinda jerks, so… None of them is like Percy, or Annabeth, or anyone else in the PJO or HoO series. Or the Kane Chronicles, anyway. But I guess I’ll choose… Er… Okay, no. I just can’t. Maybe Orpheus? I don’t really like him but to choose someone. Oh, oh! Odysseus! I like him. Yeah, Odysseus

  • Ruth Christensen

    I like Athena

  • Morgan Alexis

    percy duhhh

  • Galaxy Sea

    I like Odysseus

  • Mhh, Apollo is pretty cool!

  • Danny Nguyen

    Hercules!! Of course

  • Lola

    I like odysesus