TV Review: Jane the Virgin Winter Finale – “Chapter Thirty”

  • Turretgunner

    Rafael blatantly lies, tries to ruin Michael’s career, comes between Michael and Jane who are in a 2-year relationship and about to be married and it’s poor Rafael? I think I’m going to be sick. And what has Michael done to deserve all the pain he has suffered? He (1) didn’t tell Jane when he heard that Rafael’s wife had been having an affair because he thought it would mean that Jane would not want to go through with the adoption and he would be raising another man’s child who Jane had feelings for (which she lied about), but would be happy to do now, and (2) he started a physical altercation with Rafael with Mateo in the room, which I still don’t think he realized, and Mateo was hurt. That’s it. Ah, but of course, Michael doesn’t have the ABs or the millions that Rafael has, so….it’s poor Rafael. I get that it’s basically a telanovella, but sometimes I think they could have Rafael become a serial killer and a lot of fans would still want him and Jane to get back together.

    • I disagree. I think Rafael makes a lot of bad decisions, but that’s because of circumstances that are way out of his control. Deep down, he’s a good person, not a sociopath like you seem to think. You have to consider all the sh*t that keeps coming down on him and the fact that he practically has no support system. Everyone has betrayed him in one way or another. It doesn’t justify his actions at all, but at the same rate, you get a better understanding why he felt pressured to make those mistakes. I’m totally Team Michael, but I have to cut Rafael some slack now and then.