Jon’s Movie Review: The 25,000 Mile Love Story


It seems like every other movie we see is about a journey or quest full of obstacles and hardships that need to be overcome. Some involve the a girl leading a rebellion against the government, others involve one hobbit, a grey wizard and some dwarves heading home, and some even involve a Norse god saving his love against dark elves. None of those compare to the real-life quest Serge Roetheli and his wife Nancy went on for a completely philanthropic cause that almost cost both of them their lives.

It’s the year 2000 in Switzerland. They are having a party saying farewell, for now, to local hero Serge and his companion/wife Nicole. They are saying good bye to their children, family, and friends for what could be the last time. What is their goal? To travel around the world to raise money for children help centers in different countries. Along their journey, the get caught in war torn countries, catch an exotic disease or two, nearly die multiple times, and drink copious amounts of Coca-Cola.

This wasn’t meant to be a film. By that, I mean that it is obvious that the original intention for documenting their experience through a camcorder was for nothing but personal use. That being said, despite every low-res, grainy piece of footage that is shown can easily be pardoned because you know that there is something bigger going on. Also, it’s no where near as bad as you think. While this is basically shot from a handheld camera, it is done in a way that shows some promising skills when it comes to camera work, making a good leap ahead of your typical home videos.

To say this film is a ‘love story’ is a complete understatement. There is a force greater than love that keeps Serge and his wife moving forward even though it seems like the universe is constantly telling them to give up and go home. Their determination goes beyond the usual devotion that comes with love. It would be better compared to a juggernaut, and while I can’t quite give it a name, you’ll exactly what I am talking about after you see it. It also only adds to the film’s message that it is narrated by John Ridley, screenwriter of 12 Years A Slave.

This movie isn’t in theaters yet, but according to the producers, it will be in the near future. For now, keep an eye out for it in upcoming film festivals. Check their website to see when it is coming near you.

RATING: ★★★★★★(6/10 stars)



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