TV Review: Lucifer – “A Priest Walks into a Bar”

  • 123Geoff

    Another great show. There is a lingering question as to the mortality of Lucifer. One might question whether his vulnerability is selective. Only Chloe and Amenadiel have been able to hurt him. In both of those instances he was not trying to fight back but rather invited both to hurt him. It would seem unlikely that Malcolm would be provided such an invite. If so, will we find that he is immortal after all if Malcolm were to attempt to terminate him? In a sense it almost appears that Lucifer and Amenadiel are switching roles regarding good and evil. This is an interesting turn of events that should provide for further development. Could the actions of Amenadiel become so radical that he becomes doomed to stay in hell? Is hell changing Amenadiel in a similar way that being around humans is changing Lucifer? In the beginning of the series Chloe seems to be saved by Lucifer after the gun shot wound. Apparently, Lucifer was unable to save the priest and it would seem likely that he might have done so if he could have. So this brings up the question of whether there has been a change in his powers? All interesting questions and we will have to see where the series goes from here.

  • mifga

    Excellent show, excellent writing. Lucifer is an extremely interesting character played perfectly Ellis

  • This show is very good…I have enjoyed every episode.