Movie Review: ‘Diablo’

  • Pepper Williams

    I watched Diablo yesterday and didn’t quite understand what was going on until AFTER the movie was over! I can’t say much more than that (without giving away the movie). Scott Eastwood gave a very good performance. Needless to say, he wasn’t able to pull off the western role as flawlessly as his Father Clint (after all, he created the iconic ‘western’ role of the ‘silent’ deadly killer). However, there were moments where Scott embodied his Father’s spirit and characteristics, where you definitely knew that he was indeed Clint’s son. Great music score, cinematography and superb acting from the cast (Danny Glover, Walton Goggins, Adam Beach and Jose Zuniga).

    I highly recommend this movie for those looking to see a western ‘with a twist’. I gave it 7 stars out of 7.

    • Nathanael Hood

      Glad you enjoyed it!