TV Review: Stitchers – “Midnight Stitcher”

  • CamstenCupcake

    I love what you said about Cameron & Kirsten compared to Cameron & Nina! I totally agree! Cameron will always care and worry about Kirsten, and someday Nina will realize that there’s another girl in Cameron’s life. Of course Nina is a nice girl and now she doesn’t know that or what Cameron’s job is. I’m curious what Cameron will tell her about his job, cause Kirsten telling Liam she works at a video game company really didn’t work at all!
    This episode was really good! I loved how Cameron & Kirsten were kind of back to normal (instead of things staying awkward for way too long). Cameron’s speech was just the best, he knows exactly what to say to her and how to help her! I love it so much!
    I think Cameron turned down Kirsten’s offer to hang out cause he’s finally used to the idea of them being just friends for now and he doesn’t wanna open that door again. I understand that but I also think he’s crazy for turning her down!
    Can’t wait to see how Maggie & Camille working together to keep an eye on Liam is gonna turn out. Linus won’t like it, and Kirsten & Cameron won’t either.
    Fisher’s like the big brother of the team. I like it!

  • sillylittlefangirl

    Great review!
    Specially loved your opening statement!

    “…Stitchers doesn’t fail to disappoint, reminding us yet again why we are falling for this show even more this season.”

    It’s true! The show just gets better and better after each episode! Season 2’s writing really took off by leaps and bounds. It’s the same show yet it isn’t but in a very good way! Everyone has evolved and continues on evolving. The characters are truly the heart of this show and they know it and they give importance to it.