TV Review: Stitchers – “The Two Deaths of Jamie B”

  • CamstenCupcake

    Awesome recap! I really do blame Linus. He really didn’t have to react like this. Cameron needed some positive support, not someone to tell him that’s it’s not gonna happen. I think that’s a part of Cameron losing faith in waiting for Kirsten – everyone didn’t help them at all. I would’ve expected better from Linus and Fisher. Camille would’ve been helpful too!
    Kirsten still needs time, even though she clearly does have feelings for Cameron. She will be ready after she understands her new emotions and after she finds answers about her dad. But she needs Cameron while she’s figuring all that out and she doesn’t wanna lose him by starting a relationship while she’s not ready yet. That’s why she chose to tell him she’d rather be friends now.
    Cameron got insecure and meeting Nina was really bad timing. I wish Cameron knew that Kirsten didn’t mean that she doesn’t have feelings for him, but she just doesn’t want to keep him waiting for her while she doesn’t know how much time she needs. Kirsten was telling Cam that cause she thought that’s what would be best for him.
    I just hope Camsten won’t be awkward all season. I wanna see Camsten supporting each other and still be close. And when Kirsten is also ready, I hope it won’t be too late for an amazing relationship between her and Cam. Cameron won’t just fall out of love with Kirsten, so it just takes some patience…

  • sillylittlefangirl

    Thanks for the awesome review! This week’s episode just managed to outdone last week’s IMO as how last week’s outdid the previous before that.

    Btw, am I the only one who believes that Kirsten sort of implied friend zoning Cameron was cos of that dear old trope called noble idiocy?

    Kirsten’s life is kind of in a bit of mess now thanks to his probably/more likely psycho father made her think that there’s a high possibility whoever will have a close relationship with her could end up being a target to get to Kirsten and that means Cameron. She almost lost him trying to keep her safe so she’d rather lose him as a possible “boyfriend” than endanger his life and be entangled with her father’s mess more than necessary.

    She realized this after the real Jamie B was taken hostage cos probably the baddies knew that the scientist had a more personal relationship with Jamie B and I doubt the baddies aren’t that dumb to fall for Kirsten’s money in exchange of the encryption key without having some insurance that can be used to threaten Kirsten probably thinking that Kirsten could be a close friend to either Jamie B or the scientist who wants to bring the scientist’s untimely death to justice.

    Just my two cents. :)