TV Review: Supergirl (1×18) “Worlds Finest”

  • sflcat

    Great review. I’m with you 100%. Supergirl’s ‘winning the city’ back part was a little cornball in my opinion. I’m thinking it would have been nice if the heroes had actually been the ones to save the day instead of the National City Fire Department…not that firefighters aren’t heroes in their own right. I’m also not liking the idea that Silver Banshee is simply an emo makeover on Siobhan by Livewire. A more supernatural transformation would have worked better IMO. I’m also not a fan of the Kara Danvers-James Olsen romantic liaison. I feel zero chemistry between them, and the whole thing seemed way too rushed, especially after James blows her off with his ‘I need time’ angst in the last episode. Loved the interaction between Melissa and Grant…and you’re right…an episode of them playing off one another would have great.