Happy Thanksgiving: TYF Writers Share What/Who We’re Grateful For!

Happy Thanksgiving, our lovely readers! Whether you’re celebrating the holiday or not, we wanted to take some time to share what we’re grateful for. There are many things we are very grateful to have in our lives; so we each decided to share one thing we would love to show gratitude for from the entertainment world. We encourage you to share what you’re thankful for from the world of cinema, books, TV, music or video games!


I’m thankful for Roger Ebert. I doubt I would be half as interested in film or criticism if I hadn’t happened upon his blog and website a few years ago. He’s the rare reviewer who’s just as interested in the possibilities of film and each upcoming release as he is in the classics and consensus masterpieces. Reading Roger Ebert is like talking to an old, very knowledgeable, friend about a film you just finished watching. — Maxwell Zupke


I’m grateful for artists like Frank Ocean and The Weeknd. In a time where there’s a re-emergence of bubblegum pop that’s overwhelmingly infused with eletronic music, I’m so thankful Ocean and The Weeknd have made me love R&B again. Top ten hits, nowadays, sound the same. But they give me that escape into their soulful and frankly, very good music. — Melissa Berne



I’m grateful for Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in “The Amazing Spider-Man.” They put all other on-screen chemistry actors to shame and became my new OTP. (Could they be anymore perfect?!) — Luciana Villalba



I’m grateful to Stephen Chbosky for finally bringing The Perks of Being a Wallflower to the big screen. Chbosky brought his classic teen novel to life with so much heart and talent, thanks to fine performances from Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller and Emma Watson. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect adaptation of one of my favorite books. — Gabrielle Bondi



I give thanks to Andrew Ryan for his outstanding work and determination in transforming his grandiose dreams into haunting realities. As I explored his masterpiece, the city of Rapture, in the game, Bioshock, I solidified my passion for storytelling and discovered how immersive gaming can be. His voice forever rings through my conscience with power and philosophy, “A man chooses, a slave obeys.” Would you kindly thank him for everything that he has given you? Happy Thanksgiving! — Alex Hanavan


I’m thankful for Joss Whedon’s fantastic storytelling. Throughout his work in television, film, and comics, Whedon creates thoughtful, funny characters living in well-developed worlds. He isn’t afraid to sprinkle pop culture references and witty exchanges into dialogue while making sharp observances about the nature of the human condition and the world we live in. My favorite thing about Whedon is his work to turn various stereotypes and tropes upside down, whether it be Xander Harris saving the world from a supernaturally-charged apocalypse as an ordinary human in Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Black Widow using her perceived feminine weakness to gain information from Loki in The Avengers. I love that he appreciates the intelligence of his audience and doesn’t undercut his own storytelling in order to make things “easier” for people to understand. — Bri Lockhart


I’m grateful for Ray Bradbury. I’m grateful for the impact his writing has made on society as well as me, personally. I’m thankful for him opening my eyes to how fascinating the book-world can be and how endless the possibilities are. But most of all, I’m grateful for the ignorance he’s ridden me of. — Stephanie Estrada


I’m thankful for the film, Almost Famous. It’s the film with the amazing soundtrack, Kate Hudson as Penny Lane, love, sex, rock and roll, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Lester Bangs, rock critic extraordinaire. It’s the first movie I fell in love with; it’s the first film that made me realize what art and words can create. I will always be thankful for this film each and every year because it’s the one that simultaneously gave me joy and hope and allowed me the idea of centering a life around writing and film. —Allyson Johnson


I’m thankful to The Pixies for the incredible music they created and the huge impact they had on the development of Rock music.  With their soft-hard approach to music and singer Black Francis’ surrealist approach to lyrics, they were easily one of the most out-there bands of their time. This would serve the music world well, as it’s hard to imagine any Nirvana, Strokes or Radiohead without their existence. Bowie said it best when he said that The Pixies made “just about the most compelling music of the entire 80’s.”  — David Miller


I am thankful for J.K. Rowling because she genuinely proved how women can be successful. Her remarkable books that people obsess over have transformed into tremendous movies, a dream that I wish could happen to me. I am thankful for women in this world  who have sacrificed their life to change the perspective of women into a positive light. But J.K. Rowling’s writing has united people, differences aside, with her everlasting books that will be passed down from generation to generation. — Annie Rishty

Finally, we are most thankful to our readers! Thank you for your time and support. We love you and hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Now, let us know in the comments who or what you are thankful for! 


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