The Biggest Pop Culture Moments of 2014


The Young Folks team has come together to list the very best in entertainment and pop culture for the year 2014!

From Kim Kardashian to feminism, 2014 really made its mark in history. Click through the slideshow to see each writer’s list, and tell us which big pop culture moments were your favorites this year in the comments!

[tps_title]Luciana Villalba’s Top 10 Pop Culture Moments of 2014[/tps_title]

  1. Ellen’s Selfie – It broke the internet, and I know in my heart I would have taken that chance just like Lupita Nyong’o’s brother.
  2. Igloo Australia – Azealia Banks speaking THE TRUTH about Igloo Australia.
  3. Brendan Jordan newscast – The diva that stole the internet, work it Brendan!
  4. The Interview/Sony fiasco – I don’t think anyone saw this one coming.
  5. Rick Ross’ Rossfit and shoutout to all the pear.
  6. Nobody wanted that U2 album.
  7. Kanye West’s “Bound 2” video and of course, the parody by James Franco and Seth Rogen.
  8. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and how celebrities made this a thing.
  9. Willow and Jaden Smith are the philosophers of this generation and we didn’t even know.
  10. Beyonce at the VMA’s and the word “FEMINIST” flashing on the screen. It was beautiful.


[tps_title]Melissa Berne’s Top 10 Pop Culture Moments of 2014[/tps_title]

  1. Spotify

It just keeps getting more and more popular and I just started really using it this year. It’s so nifty! Listen to full albums for free? YES PLEASE.

  1. Rosamund Pike

Any words I use will be an understatement to her performance. Everyone who walked out of Gone Girl just kept talking about her. Even after you left the theater, you still felt her. Amazing Amy indeed. Hollywood, give her more roles! I’m obsessed with the movie and I PAID to see it twice. PAID. TO. SEE. IT. TWICE.

  1. Feminism

This year, more than recent ones it seems, feminism was in our dialogue constantly. Whether we were talking about Beyoncé, or Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video, or that video where the little girls are cursing, or Shailene Woodley saying she wasn’t a feminist because she loves men, or talking about Gone Girl, feminism was a hot topic spewing out hundreds of essays or articles from various media outlets.


  1. Jenny Slate

This girl is so talented and she should be everywhere. Her film Obvious Child was so spot- on. Sure, it deals with abortion and it’s funny. But in real life, people try to make light of drastic situations. I applaud Jenny for not only making me laugh, but also for making me feel like I could relate to her. I’m excited for her future projects!

  1. Outlander

I binge-watched the first eight episodes and I loved it! I didn’t read the books, but of course now I am obsessed with Claire and Jamie. Can I hibernate until April?

  1. The Hanging Tree

JLaw the Popstar? Who would have thought she’d have a song on the Billboard and score a number 2 spot on iTunes, though?! The song is catchy and so easy to get stuck in your head. And she doesn’t sound bad either. #SlayGirlSlay

  1. Sophie Turner

Her character on Game of Thrones will be one to watch next season, because Sansa done bossed up! She’s playing her own game with Little Finger and it was fascinating to watch. Who knows what she’ll do next.


  1. Nick Jonas

He delivered a solid R&B album this year. I don’t listen to the Jonas Brothers, so who knew?! I hope we see more live performances so he can showcase his solo talent.

  1. Meghan Trainor

I mean, c’mon, THAT song stays in my head!!! Not only is it catchy, but it has a message with substance.

  1. How To Get Away With Murder

“Don’t be” is one of many badass quotes form Miss Annalise Keating, and it’s enough to keep me watching in January. We get to see Viola Davis showcasing so many different things with this character. She can be scary, sad, seductive and outsmart everybody in the room. It’s no wonder she’s getting all this awards love.

[tps_title]Gabrielle Bondi’s Top 10 Pop Culture Moments of 2014[/tps_title]

  1. Butts – Let’s not pretend that 2014 wasn’t all about the booty. When I wasn’t seeing Kim Kardashian’s derrière all over Twitter and Facebook, it was Nicki Minaj’s with her “Anaconda” video, Beyonce with her fab visual album, and even JLo with her new track “Booty.” If anything, it was a good year for Sir Mix-A-Lot.
  2. “Let It Go” Frozen Fever is still going strong, and oddly enough, no one can still let go of “Let It Go.”
  3. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – It was an out of the box idea to get people aware of ALS and donate. Watching celebrities douse themselves with ice water for a good cause was one of the highlights of the year. Donate to the ALS foundation here!
  4. Sony Hack/The Interview Controversy – I’m not going to pretend that the leaked emails between Sony producers didn’t have me seriously entertained. (I’m almost certain that those string of emails about the Steve Jobs movie are better than the movie itself.) Yet, I still can’t believe that North Korea’s Kim Jung-un went out of his way to sabotage Sony Pictures for The Interview. Really????
  5. Baby Groot – Just watch the video above.
  6. Willow and Jaden Smith know the answers to the universe – I’m simultaneously impressed, horrified, and confused by the Smith children’s thoughts on energy and time. Although, I have to admit I’m mostly impressed.
  7. Ellen’s epic Oscars selfie – The greatest selfie taken… ever.
  8. “Consciously uncoupling” – I thank Gwyneth Paltrow for giving me a new phrase to use this year.
  9. Welcome to the McConaissanceAlright, alright, alright.
  10. Boy Band Fever – One Direction OVERLOAD. Whether you love, hate or don’t care about boy bands, they had a strong year.


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