Music Premiere: Queera Nightly Unveils “Pillow Talk”

Listen to a new song titled “Pillow Talk” from ‘The Girl Who Fell, Part II,’ the upcoming EP by Queera Nightly due out on Oct. 20

Album Review: Hank! – ‘Guilty Pleasures (Are the Best Ones)’

The new album from former Absent Boundaries member Hank Close, aka Hank!, is out now. Here’s a review of the country and alt-rock project.

Music Premiere: Gabby Holt Releases Her Debut EP – ‘The Star and The Devil’

‘The Star and The Devil’ is simultaneously muscular and compelling, yet the femme fatale voice of Gabby Holt saturates the songs in posh, exotic hues.

Lyric Video Premiere: Red River Hymn – “L’Anguille”

Nashville-based alt-rock outfit Red River Hymn introduces the lyric video, “L’Anguille,” an appetizer for their forthcoming EP, Oakview, slated to drop September 24. The band explains “L’Anguille” and the video, “This song came to life after writing the hook ‘It…

Album review: CLOUDLAND impress with vivid, eloquent lyrics on ‘Where We Meet’

The band out of Athens, Georgia, known as CLOUDLAND releases their debut album, Where We Meet, a 10-track collection of songs spanning stylistic savors of indie-rock, pop, and folk music. Made up of four outstanding musicians, CLOUDLAND got together four…

Album Review: Paul Rocha releases appealing retro-flavored ‘Apophenia’

At times dark, while at other times radiant, ‘Apophenia’ is simultaneously picturesque and tenderly sad, balancing on the threshold of the sonic terminator line.

Music Premiere: Wild Americans – “Again”

Stellar, unique percussion, the lustrous bray of the organ, as well as the ebb and rise of the melody, give “Again” a mysterious, alluring sensualism.